Hair Replacement Surgery

Hair has always been an important characteristic of the human body. When a person meets someone new, the impression they have of them is formed within a few seconds. Everything they see about the person is taken in including how much hair they have. While having a bald spot doesn't necessarily mean they'll have an impression of negativity, but having a full head of hair does help with forming a positive impression. Besides first impressions, hair loss can be devastating to the self-esteem of the sufferer. Whether it's a man or a woman experiencing the loss of hair, having thin patches of hair or bald spots can cause depression and melancholy.

Because hair is such an important part of a person and their emotional well being, hair replacement treatment have been developed to help solve the problem of hair loss. Hair replacement surgery is a fast and effective way to go from a bald spot to a lush, healthy head of hair.

Requirements for Hair Replacement

Hair replacement surgery is a serious procedure and should be considered as a last resort for hair treatment.  As with any surgical operation, there are risks attached to the process.  There are also many things you must have in order to have a successful hair replacement.  The first requirement for this procedure is that you must have a healthy amount of hair on the sides or back of your head.

What happens in the surgery is the hair follicles on these healthy, hairy parts of the head are moved to the balding spots.  In this surgical process, the healthy, growing hair follicles are transferred to the parts of your head where little hair is growing.

Why the Requirements are Necessary

Hair removal from the healthy growing parts of your scalp is essential for the success of the procedure. If you are suffering from thin hair without any dense patches of hair, you'll in unsuitable for this type of hair replacement process. Also, you should be aware that even with a successful hair replacement, there's always a chance that you still won't experience any growth. If you're considering this type of surgery, educate yourself as much as possible before hand so you know the costs and benefits of this procedure.

If you're unable to have the surgery, and you're a man, you can still come out on top with your hair. One solution, and it's definitely a fashion trend right now, is to go completely bald. Instead of having to worry about your bald spot, going completely bald can make you look younger and also attract the ladies. While going bald isn't the best everyone, it's definitely an option on the table.


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