Top 6 Professional Hair Care Products for Hair Treatments

New Cosmetics Products for Hair

Buy the products which are suitable to our lifestyle and hair texture.Read carefully about the details given on the products.Beautician /Hair Stylist can be consulted with,in case of doubts. The Hair Care treatments can be done for African , American Hairs or For Black or Grey Hair

Hair care products will be always beneficial?

The hair care products will be more beneficial if they are according to the lifestyle,water conditions,climatic conditions of your location.The lifestyle,skin,hair structure,color,hair strength are different for different countries .Our hair strands are thick,whereas they have thin hair strands.Hence,hair care products for the foreign countries will not be beneficial for some countries

The Best Hair Care products are

  • Bed head hair products
  • Curly hair products
  • Fudge hair products
  • Ice hair products
  • Kerastase hair products
  • Nioxin hair care products
  • Lanza hair products
  • Ojon hair care
  • Matrix hair products
  • Redken hair products
  • Salon hair products
  • Tigi hair products
  • Wella hair products

Organic Hair care products

Hair care products
Hair care products

1- Henna Treatments for Beautiful Hair

Applying henna on the hair makes the hair look voluminous.It removes dandruff and gives coldness.You should not keep henna for more than one and a half hours in hair .You can do henna once in a month. Do you know about the advantages of henna ?

Ingredients added in Henna

Do you know about what are the ingredients to be added in the henna? what are the benefits of those ingredients to hair ?

  • Tea powder - used for color
  • dried amla - Used for getting coldness,health to hair
  • egg-white - Used Hair Conditioning
  • Yogurt -Used for smoothness of hair
  • Shikkakkai - Solution for dandruff,lice
  • Henna oil -Used for color smoothness of hair

NB: Henna doesn't contain the lime .

Coloring hair after doing Henna

The stain of henna makes a coating on the hair and it stays for 3-6 months.Hence,you can color the hair 3 months after doing henna.Else, Henna Eraser has to be used.Some colors like Blob,Red colors only quarter portion of the hair.The whole color will not be effective.

What are the things to be taken care of before applying henna?

It is advisable to apply henna after massaging the hair with some oil.For oily hair,shampoo the hair after applying henna.For dry hair,conditioning the hair is a must after applying henna if oil is not applied before.

Before clearing out henna from the applied part apply the previous solution two or three times, but while washing we should not use chlorine or salt water as it may reduce the color.

How to Make Henna at Home

Henna can be prepared at home . Blend together a mixture of dried gooseberries and henna powder, yogurt, lime juice, egg white and add black tea so as to get a paste form of it and keep in refrigerator to chill.

Applying henna twice a month will do wonders to your hair. People with grey hair should use henna instead of hair colors or dyes as it will helps to add to its span and strength

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Bonacure Overview - Ultimate Hair Care Review

2- Hair Spa Treatment

Hair Spa is a treatment used to remove dandruff and to clean the hair. the normal cost is around 20-50$ . The hair spray treatment will be more effective depending on the hair care after that, Hair should be kept free from dust.The prescribed shampoo and oil should only be used.If the problems like dry hair and dandruff appears again,the treatment should be taken again.This treatment is suitable for all types of hair.

3- Ironing the Hair

What are the things to be taken care of while ironing the hair?

Shampoo the hair to remove oil and dust and clean the hair.Depending on the hair type,condition the hair and towel-dry the hair.Apply any of the iron finish creams.Set the heat on the iron machine according to the hair type and iron the hair.

4- Hair Straightening / Rebounding / Straight therapy for Hair

What all should be taken care of while straightening ,rebounding ,straight therapy for hair?

These treatments should be done only after three months of applying henna on the hair and one and a half months after colouring the hair.

Select a good cream,depending on the hair type, so that there will be no hair fall and hair will not loose the smoothness.This treatment should not be done by self.This treatment needs a lot of expertise,else,it will result in hair damage.The hair damage caused by this treatment should be treated using the remedies prescribed by the hair stylist.Else,the hair will break and the hair will get damaged from the root itself.If the straightening was not effective,it can be done again only after 3 months.The hair should be maintained well after these treatments.

The prescribed products should only be used on the hair.Colouring should be done only after one and a half months.Metalli dye should not be used thereafter.Henna should also be not done.(Else,hair will break).Oil should be applied only after 3 months.

The results of the hair straightening will be effective for 1 year. It cost around 250-500 $ .To maintain the hair an amount of 50-75 $ will be needed per month.

Re bonding gives a finish which stays longer than straightening. It cost around 450-800$ To maintain the hair an amount of 25-75 $ will be needed per month.After doing re bonding,root touch-up can be done after 1 year.If dandruff arises,oil or henna should not be used.Hair spa must be done.

Straight Therapy: This is the latest one in these treatments.It gives a better finishing. It cost around 250-500$

5- Serum and Gel Products

What is serum used for? What all should be taken care of while using it ?How can it be used?

Serum is used to give a beautiful look for hair with split-ends and entangled hair.The hair will shine and will not get entangled when exposed to wind.Serum has to applied on the hair only and it should not be applied on the scalp.Serum and leave-on conditioner should be mixed and applied after bath.Serum should be washed away using shampoo before going to sleep in the night.

What is gel used for? What all should be taken care of while using this? How can this be used?

Gel also keeps the hair beautiful as serum does.The hair looks like as if it is wet.If the hair is oily,the results might not be visible.There are products which makes thin hair look thick and thick hair looks thin.Beautician or hair stylist may be consulted to choose a hair care product suitable for your hair.The product should be used only in the prescribed proprotion.If it is used in large amounts,it will not be good for the hair.

Hair Care Products

Which is Most Useful Product for Hair Treatment ? Share Your Experience in Comments

  • Cosmetics Hair care Products
  • Henna Treatments
  • Hair Spa Treatment
  • Ironing the Hair
  • Hair Straightening
  • Serum and Gel Products
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JasonPLittleton 5 years ago

This is great product. Thanks for sharing this article.

Sushmita Burman Roy 4 years ago

I have used hair staightening flat iron with an ironing cream bt it is not staying for a long time... i need some suggestion...

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Kevin Peter 3 years ago from Global Citizen Author

Hi JasonPLittleton,

Nice to hear that you found the product mentioned in the hub useful.

Hi Sushmita,

Did you select the cream according to your hair type. If you are not so sure of selecting one, consult a proffessional beautician and have their advice.

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