Hair Growth Vitamins

In most people, the prime of their hair growth is under the age of thirty.  As their age progresses further and further away from thirty, their hair slowly loses it's youth and fast growth.  While the recommended solution for keeping your hair healthy, strong, and growing fast is a healthy and balanced diet, most people find it near impossible to always eat the right things.  Also, other external factors like neglect, the environment, severe stress, or long lasting disease or sickness can limit your hair's growth.  So, the best way to keep you and your hair healthy is to make sure that you continue to eat healthy and have essential vitamins and minerals in that diet.

The Vitamins that Promote Healthy Hair Growth

The vitamins of your every day diet greatly impact your hair growth.  Of all the vitamins you can have, however, there are few key ones that do the most good for your hair.  These vitamins that a great for hair are: vitamin A (helps in the production of natural hair oil), vitamin (antioxidant that promotes health and well-being), vitamin E (increases blood flow through your scalp), Inositol (strengthens your hair follicles), and vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 (both retard gray hair growth and prevent hair loss).  While it may be tempting to buy several bottles of pills that contain all these vitamins, it's much more helpful if you eat foods that have these vitamins.  Common, everyday foods that have the vitamins necessary for healthy, fast growing hair are: oranges, leafy green vegetables, carrots, pineapple, strawberries, potatoes, green peppers, natural whole grains in pasta and bread, chicken, turkey, rice, and milk.

Hair Products for Growing Hair

Besides vitamins, there are tons of other products that help with getting your hair growing fast and healthy. Many of these hair growth products contain many of the essential vitamins, proteins, and minerals that are needed for optimum hair growth. While they have many different forms like shampoos, conditioners, pills, and capsules, each one has their pros and cons when it comes to your hair. For example, in most cases, the products used in external application aren't able to transfuse the proper amount vitamins into your body.

How to Choose Your Hair Growing Solution

With all these products, vitamins, and foods, it may be difficult to choose how to address your hair growing dilemma.  With so many people and companies telling you what to do, how do you know which solution will help you the most?  And the answer to that is, you don't.  If you are serious about getting your hair growing fast again, you should a medical professional for advice and recommendations.  While age is a factor when it comes to hair loss, there can be many other internal and external factors attributing to your hair loss.  Without proper diagnosis, you can end up running in circles trying to find the right hair growth formula.  Good luck, and let's get your hair growing fast, thick, and healthy again!


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