Top 7 Most Popular Hairstyles For Asian Women

Taeyeon hairstyle.
Taeyeon hairstyle.

Characteristics of Asian Hair

It is true that Asian women have always been admired for their delicate features and flowing locks. With modern Asian hairstyles, natural beauty may be enhanced with trendy styling tips and ideas. More individuals are following fashionable hair trends in creating unique identities and enhancing appeal.

Layered styles are very popular among younger generations especially for long sleek locks. A popular option among those living in Korea, China, and Japan has been thick bangs which sweep across the front of the face. The Asian woman is characterized by her gorgeous, sleek, and healthy tresses which can be styled into virtually any creation for personal preference.

Here is the list of the most popular Asian hairstyles:

1. Wispy Hair

Lengths are usually medium to long as these options have the ability to enhance femininity and facial features. For a lengthier choice it is best to blow dry hair while flicking the ends for a fly away effect. Through the use of curling tongs and various holding products one can create a wavy or curly head of hair.

Long wispy hairstyle.
Long wispy hairstyle.

2. Permed Style

When locks are curled, it also provides an increase in volume for those who may have thinner hair. A popular process for curling luscious tresses is through a perm which has stood the test of time for top styling alternatives among Asians. This includes placing the hair into giant curls either from the top of the head or midway down the length depending on the desired size of curl.

A permed style is often worn with side swept or straight bangs for a modern appeal. With the addition of highlights one is able to enhance the appearance of the delicate waves or curls. Many individuals have opted for highlights or an all over lighter color on layered tresses.

Yoona curly hairstyle.
Yoona curly hairstyle.

3. Blunt Cut

The hairstyles for Asian women incorporate the importance of face shape for the most suitable styles in enhancing feminine features. For longer locks that are straight, a great option includes the blunt cut. In this style the hair is framed and sleekness enhanced through a blunt cut which draws attention to delicate facial features.

Bai Ling blunt haircut.
Bai Ling blunt haircut.

4. Asymmetrical Cut

For improving natural femininity, the asymmetrical cut is a great choice for modern appeal. This particular creation is most suited to those who wish to create a unique look and attract a fair amount of attention. It is perfect for very sleek hair with a range of lengths to choose from for a sexier and trendier image.

Asymmetrical hairstyle.
Asymmetrical hairstyle.

5. Layered Hair

Layering the locks drastically improves its volume as very straight hair can often look lifeless and flat. For thicker hair one has the ability to remove much of the weight through a layered option. Layering hair is most suited to those with a rounder face shape and can be modernized with bangs.

Kelly Hu layered hairstyle.
Kelly Hu layered hairstyle.

6. Ponytail

Sunny ponytail hairstyle.
Sunny ponytail hairstyle.

7. Bun Style

More fashionable and professional women create tight ponytails or bun styles where hair is pulled back on the crown and then combed down for a neat appearance. There are many hairstyles for Asian women that are able to enhance the natural beauty of gorgeous sleek hair. From layering and perming to trendy asymmetrical and blunt cuts, the perfect style can be created for personal preference.

Song Hye Kyo bun hairstyle.
Song Hye Kyo bun hairstyle.

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Love the hair! Beautiful!

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Those are all beautiful! ^-^'

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errr, that's not park bom, that's sunny.

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Number 4 is Lee Hyori

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