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Halter Top Designs

Wear Halter Top Dresses to Turn Heads

Halter top dresses are beautiful, comfortable, and sexy. Halter top dresses somehow cling in all the right places to the curves of a lady and accent her form. If you want to turn heads, all you have to do is buy a halter top dress. Make sure you choose one with good taste so you don't end up looking trashy. Many times halter tops are worn in other styles other than dresses, but the best classy look is a halter top dress as opposed to a halter top separate from the bottom.

Halter dresses come in a variety of styles, so you will have to find the one that fits your body style the best. Depending on how large or small your are on top, you will have an option that works best for you. Then you will want to choose a pattern that fits your style. You will have options ranging from plain black classic to women's boho dress styles.

Halter Top Dress Pictures

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Halter top dresses are usually tightHalter dresses hang by your neckHalter dresses show your curvesHalter tops go behind the neck
Halter top dresses are usually tight
Halter top dresses are usually tight
Halter dresses hang by your neck
Halter dresses hang by your neck
Halter dresses show your curves
Halter dresses show your curves
Halter tops go behind the neck
Halter tops go behind the neck

Halter Style Tops

If you look at the picture, you will notice that there are several types of halter top styles. These can be used in dresses or regular halter tops. Some halter top dresses are classy while others are modern. No matter what, the halter top dresses end up looking sexy.

The main reason halters are sexy is the way the material drapes around your neck. Halter dresses showcase your back.  Then halters hug your curves unlike other dress cuts that are more straight. Those who have curves will frame them with their halter dress.

Halter Bra

Cute Halter Top

This is an interesting version of a halter top.
This is an interesting version of a halter top.

Halter Top History

The halter top has a history that was born in warm climates.  It may have originally started in India and spread to Africa, but was nothing more than scraps of material held together by strings.  Halter tops have survived through time and became a classy way to dress provocatively.  Many movie stars from Marilyn Monroe to Jennifer Lopez have sported a halter top dress to classy events. 

Now, the halter is acceptable in a broad range of venues including sleepwear, concert and club clothing, formal gowns, bohemian dresses and boho tops,  The fact that the halter neck style works for formal gowns and wedding dresses, but is also found as tie dye concert clothing shows how mainstream the cut is.  The halter top dress will likely keep surviving for many years to come because it is a design that keeps ladies cool in the heat and shows off their figures with style and elegance.

Halter Dress for Prom

When it comes time for prom, consider a halter dress as an option.  Prom is a dressy, formal event that requires a stylish dress.  Halter dresses can be worn to formal occasions such as prom, weddings, and dinner parties.  Remember, the key is to get it to fit and cover you adequately, so you don't end up with a reputation that you don't want.

Wear your prom halter dress in front of the mirror after it has been on for a few minutes and you have bent over, sat down, and walked around. This will give you an accurate view of what to expect on the big night.

How to Make A Halter Dress

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Where can I buy a red halter top dress like the one in the picture?

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