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Harley Davidson Rockz
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Harley Davidson Jacket
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Hot Harley Jacket

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I love anything Harley Davidson, although I do not presently own a Harley I have a friend named Harley and a pair of Leather Harley Davidson Boots that I really love, do you think that could count for anything? I love the style of Harley Davidson, there is a certain hard ass edge to it. I love it. The I know where I am going attitude of it all. You not only see it you can feel it as you walk by. I love the leather attire, bike chaps, boots, jackets, helmets and any riding gear.

There are so many styles of Harley Davidson bikes out there it is hard to decide what the most beautiful bike is I have seen or what would it look like if I you could ever own one of my choice. I would love to design my own bike. For now I will settle for having my leather Harley Davidson boots. I would love to have a jacket too and with Christmas coming up I think I know just what to ask Santa for.

I love the fact that you can get anything you can think of in Harley Gear, from clothing to desk top pictures, a Harley Davidson Motorcycle to a logo for my truck I can get Harley anywhere I want it.

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Harley Davidson is now taking the globe by storm according to the Washington Post, NEW DELHI, Aug. 30 -- Twenty-five Harley-Davidsons rumbled through the heart of the rain-drenched Indian capital Sunday, aggressively announcing the arrival of the legendary U.S. company in one of the world's largest motorcycle markets. 

Nice, very nice you go Harley! We love ya baby! You rock!

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Black Harley Davidson BikeBlue Harley Davidson BikeBlue Harley Davidson Bike-I get a a chill up my leg! Hot Harley Shirts
Black Harley Davidson Bike
Black Harley Davidson Bike
Blue Harley Davidson Bike
Blue Harley Davidson Bike
Blue Harley Davidson Bike-I get a a chill up my leg!
Blue Harley Davidson Bike-I get a a chill up my leg!
Hot Harley Shirts
Hot Harley Shirts

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Beth100 profile image

Beth100 7 years ago from Canada

You'd go ga-ga over the Harley store here in our town! Every weekend, at least 200 Harley bikes gather with their riders dressed in all types of Harley gear. We call it the Weekly Harley Fashion Gathering!

Envoy profile image

Envoy 7 years ago from USA Author

drool ....lol :)

restinpieces 6 years ago

these bikes are very cool i wish i had one!!!

leyzaa profile image

leyzaa 5 years ago

great bike for touring

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