Heart Tattoos Say I love You

The classic heart tattoo is a great way to show your love or someone or something. Often a name or a banner with a name is drawn in or over the heart to signify who it is that you love. This could be your significant other, a child or beloved family member that has passed away. Some people even choose to include the name or picture of their pet, living or dead, inside their heart tattoo. Whatever other words, items or symbols you include, the main message from a heart tattoo is love.

Of course you might choose a broken heart tattoo that could symbolize the break-up of an important relationship, the death of a loved one or a heart-breaking tragedy or experience in your life. People suffer a broken heart for a variety of reasons, even when their child makes bad choices in life or when their spouse has an affair or they get a divorce. These are all good reasons to consider a broken heart tattoo design. This type of design may also include more details such as the name of the person or a symbol to clarify its meaning and make it more symbolic to the wearer.

Sometimes a person chooses a heart tattoo just because it is a beautiful design. Many times a heart may be drawn surrounded by flowers or a rainbow. These designs might just be used to symbolize being happy or loving life and the world around you. This type of heart tattoo is cute and has a tendency to put a smile on peoples' faces which just spreads even more love and happiness all around. If you believe in Karma, this comes right back to you creating a never ending circle of happiness and love. Who wouldn't want to create something that powerful in their lives?

Heart tattoos combined with other images can have a variety of other meanings as well. A heart surrounded by angel wings may symbolize the death of a loved one or could be interpreted as your guardian angel. A heart with flames can symbolize passion and is quite a powerful image to behold. Heart tattoos may be very simple or filled with intricate details and designs, the choice is entirely up to you. You want your heart tattoo to be an expression of who you are and what you are feeling inside and that is what is really important in the end.

Heart Tattoos

This is a literal heart tattoo
This is a literal heart tattoo
Very unique heart tattoo with nerves or roots with a blooming flower.
Very unique heart tattoo with nerves or roots with a blooming flower.
Another heart tattoo but this is the normal heart shaped that people are used to.
Another heart tattoo but this is the normal heart shaped that people are used to.

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