Heated House Slippers - CosySoles

Heated House Slippers - CosySoles

Cosysoles are the best heated house slipper's can be one of the most wonderful quality of life improvements you have ever made. Ever since being diagnosed with a neurological disease, I have been left with cold feet and hands. I have been looking for this particular type for a long time. I find this type of neck, hand, back, and feet warmers to work better then any other. The grain in the slipper keeps yours feet warm a long time after they cool down. The grain acts as an insulation. Also with the material you don't feel like the slipper are making you sweat. I have had to many normal pair of slippers do that to me in the past.

Grain/Rice Heating Pads - Perfect For Neuromuscular Cold Feet

Ever since my son made me a "sock" heating pad in pre-school I love this method of heating. My neck muscles get stressed easily due to the neuromuscular disease I have, and a grain heating pad does the trick on my neck every time. This heating pad uses the Microwave to basically cook the grain, the grain heats up and voila instant heating pad. Its such a deep heat and I find it last's a nice long time. When you are ready to go again, just heat it up and relax. No plugs, no heating and messing around with water just a simple microwave.

These Slippers are Just What you Need

If you like the same thing I do, then these are the slippers for you. They were made to assist a women that has a neuropathy similar to diabetics, I have the same disease. This is why I looked so hard to find the right pair of slippers because our feet are so much more colder then most people. While I type this my feet feel like ice, I sure will be glad when then winter is over and spring is here.

Sep 2012 Update

I just had to provide an update to this page as I cannot believe how good these slipper's are. I actually have 3 pairs now. 1 for me and 2 for the rest of the family. My daughter just loves them as well, as she has the same disease I have. I have been sleeping better, the numbness in my feet are gone now and the pain has gotten better as well. I wear these during the summer, winter, fall, spring, all season. One thing when you have neuropathy in your hands and feet it sure makes a difference to keep them warm.

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