Home Hair Dye Without The Awful Chemical Fumes

Do you know there's hair dye widely available that has next to no fumes? It is worthwhile switching to hair dye without ammonia, if you are using a home hair dye that smells toxic when you are applying it.

Hair Dye Without Ammonia

I've recently discovered the availability of ammonia free home hair dyes which have next to no fumes! A welcome discovery for me because even though I occasionally get a salon dye, it's so expensive and inconvenient to make an appointment for every 4 weeks, since that's when my regrowth shows through.

I'm a natural blonde but I enjoy wearing my hair a few shades lighter and my regrown looks quite obvious at the roots.

Even though I dye my hair often, I've used several brands of home dye kits in the past and found them all to smell like a chemical factory! The toxic fumes have always been really overwhelming to me, so I've never enjoyed the process of dying my hair. I would usually go through a routine of opening the bathroom door and window fully, putting the bathroom fan on and even after dying my hair because it would wash onto me I would scrub myself afterwards so that I didn't end up smelling like toxic chemicals for the rest of the day. I've just always hated the smell so much. I'd also continue to air out my bathroom, and the room next to it for the next few hours until the fumes were gone. I really have never been able to stand the smell of home dye, no matter what the brand. I've always persevered with it though, because the result is usually what I want. I feel I look good with my hair a few shades lighter.

It was just by chance recently that I wanted to touch up my regrowth before a night out, and I only had access to a pharmacy which didn't stock any of the shome dyes I'd used in the past, so I picked up one I hadn't used before. Later at home, I went though the usual routine of opening up the room and putting on the fan. I mixed the dye and took of the cap and started to touch up my hair. It was only then that I realised quite astonishingly there was no toxic smell coming from the product. In fact, there was no smell at all, and it was doing the job just the same... I had struck gold! After all those years of putting up with breathing in the toxic chemicals, I'd found a product that worked and didn't have any smell to it at all!

Since then, I've used another brand of amonia free hair dye with the same result. It seems the magic words to look for on the packaging of hair dye is: No Ammonia. Simple as that! And the really good thing is these home dye kits are not hard to come across as several of the most popular brands are making their home hair dye kits without ammonia, and it's marked clearly on the packaging. I just never knew to look for it previously.

As a bonus, I found a product that also stops the yellow tones you often get when you're lightening blonde hair at home (Loreal Casting Creme Gloss - 910 Light Iced Blonde). I no longer need to use a toner afterwards to get rid of any yellow brassiness which would normally occur after a home dye.

I've noticed no change to the dye coverage or length of time the color lasts. The only difference I've found is in the easier to bare application because of it not having the stong fumes I've encountered using regular hair dye.

So, if you're like me, and regularly dying your hair, I can totally recommend switching to a home dye without ammonia, because it makes dying your hair much more pleasant and enjoyable!

Best wishes,


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stricktlydating profile image

stricktlydating 3 years ago from Australia Author

Thanks for commenting Lady E

Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 3 years ago from London, UK

That's useful to know. I used to colour my hair and hated the smell of the dye....but for beauty's sake had to use it anyway. lol.

Great hub.

DDE profile image

DDE 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

A useful Hub with a good advice

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