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For centuries herbs have been used for bath and beauty remedies, they are inexpensive, adaptable, easy to find, grow and use. Herbs can be used internally in a variety of liquid forms and externally by breaking them down to liquid to make liniments, brews and teas; and can be mixed into a solid forms to make salves or can be used in their natural state for relaxing potpourri. Herbs possess invigorating properties as well as curative and relaxing properties.

Homemade herbal preparations are less costly compared to the commercial herb products that fill the store selves. Also by making them yourself, you are assured there are no unwanted chemicals.

Here are some simple herbal bathwater and facial remedies that you might want to try:


Camomile Bath Water

German Camomile flowers offer soothing effects. Steep four ounces of flowers for one hour in one quart of water. Add to bath water. Good for skin ulcers and other skin problems.

Sweet Flag Root Bath Water

In five quarts of cold water add one pound of chopped sweet flag root and let stand for two hours. After the two hours quickly bring it to a boil and steep for five minutes. Add to bath water to stimulate circulation.


Rosemary Bath Water

Another good herb to use to increase circulation is rosemary. Steep two ounces of rosemary leaves in one pint of boiling water for ten minutes. Add to bath water, also good for digestion problems.

Herb Relaxing Stream Facial

Mix one cup in equal parts a blend of sage, camomile flower, passion flower, linden flower and peppermint. Boil one quart of water, turn off and add the mixed blend. Hold head about three inches above streaming pot and form a tent with a towel over your head and pot. Breath slowly and use for about ten minutes. The results should be clean pores along with softer and moisturized skin.


Almond Peppermint Facial

A good facial for oily skin. Crush three dried peppermint leaves. Make a paste of crush almonds, stir in peppermint leaves and a small amount of distilled water, making it easy to apply. Apply mask to face, avoid eyes and mouth, leave on for about 20 minutes before washing it off with warm water followed by a cold water rinse. Pat dry. This facial should leave your skin tingly and soft.


For more about the uses of herbs or to find skilled doctors for herbal treatments, contact the National Center for Homeopathy.

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