Honey for Skin Care

When you think of honey, what do you see in your mind? Do you see that little bear container filled with the amber syrup? Or, do you see the little girl on the jar of Sue Bee honey that I remember as a kid? Most people have some memory attached to honey. Honey however is proving to be worth so much more than a comfort food-memory maker.

The honey of most of our youths, the one we came to know and love, was a light amber color. Yet, like most things in our lives today, we have more choices available. Now we can find honey ranging from almost colorless to very dark, almost black. This wide range of color is dependent on what nectars the bees have available to forage.

Full of amazing properties, you may have heard that honey was found in the pyramids-preserved and edible. So it has an amazing shelf life! Beat that!

It is making its mark in the skin care, beauty, and healthcare industries. Not just those wanting organic and natural products, it is proving itself to be a valuable tool in the mainstream also.

Let's focus on skin to begin with. In the simplest terms, honey is a natural humectant. This is the ability to attract moisture and hold it. People with oily skin conditions especially find this helpful, moisture without oiliness.

Honey is a wonderful ingredient in facial masks and in other beauty products. Here are a few recipes to get you started and leave your skin feeling pampered and healthy.

Oatmeal and Honey Cleanser

Mix together:

1 tablespoon Honey

2 tablespoons Oatmeal (If you use Old Fashioned Oats, Whirr for a moment in coffee grinder or food processor

½ teaspoon Apple Cider Vinegar (I like Bragg's Organic)

Optional: ½ teaspoon Oil (Sweet Almond, Emu, Jojoba, Rice Bran, Grapeseed, Olive, etc) this is really nice if your skin is dry. Omit if you have oily skin.

Mix together and massage gently over face. If you desire, leave on for 5 minutes or so. Rinse with warm water. For a really delicious experience, warm the mixture slightly prior to massaging on face.

Here is a nice one from the National Honey Board http://www.honey.com/

Honey Blueberry Facial Mask

½ cup Blueberries (fresh or frozen)

½ cup Honey

½ cup Plain Yogurt

Rinse blueberries and place in blender or food processor. Add the honey and yogurt, blend until smooth. With fingertips and a light touch, smooth over face. Let remain for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse with cool water and a damp cloth.

Here is one that is easy and leaves you feeling so silky.

Oatmeal Honey and Milk Bath

¼ cup Honey

¼ cup Buttermilk

¼ cup Oatmeal (ground for a bit in blender, food processor, or coffee grinder)

Just add to the bath and soak. If you like you can add another ¼ cup of a skin loving oil. Just take care as this will make the bath tremendously slippery. If you want to make it more luxuriant add a few drops of a skin safe essential oil like lavender. Cleopatra was a lover of honey and milk baths. Do we need to say more?

In the health care realm, honey is being tested on burns, pressure sores (aka decubitus ulcers), surgical incisions, acne, and more. It has had amazing results. Honey has been used for thousands of years in the treatment of wounds of all kinds. We are now showing scientific studies to back up what the ancients were putting into practice.

It seems the type of honey with the most antibacterial activity is Manuka Honey. This honey, from New Zealand, has an antibacterial activity referred to as "Unique Manuka Factor". You will sometimes see a "UMF" number on this honey. That means that it has been laboratory tested and assigned this number, assessing its potency. The higher the number, the higher the antibacterial activity.

Honey is being tested by placing it directly on wounds, or on the dressings for the wound. The results have been remarkable. It has even been effective against the pathogens MRSA (Methicillan Resistant Staph. Aureus) and VRE (Vancomycin Resistant Enterococci)-very nasty, tough bugs. It is also showing that it can reduce scarring and pain in burns.

Sweet in more ways than the obvious. Honey, it's not just for toast anymore.

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C.S.Alexis profile image

C.S.Alexis 8 years ago from NW Indiana

love that honey and oatmeal cleanser, thanks!

Michele Engholm profile image

Michele Engholm 8 years ago from Hutchinson Author

Thanks C. S. ! I am so glad you are enjoying it! BTW. I am SO much enjoying YOUR hubs...keep them coming!

justmesuzanne profile image

justmesuzanne 8 years ago from Texas

Thank you for all these wonderful recipes! Honey is so terrific and beneficial. I am glad to know even more ways to use it! Blessings! :)

Revitol 7 years ago

Now I understand why there is a Honey parlour on our Mall Road hehhe

Organic Tea 7 years ago

Great work you're doing. I love to see when people care for others and willing the share any information with them. I love to do that too. Sometimes I wonder if I talk to much, but I can't help it, I want to help. Thanks again.

yogibotanicals profile image

yogibotanicals 7 years ago

Honey is good for your skin because of its properties. It is used to minimize the appearance of facial wrinkles, and the antioxidants in honey protects skin from UV rays and has anti-aging ability. Honey proves to maintain the skin's elasticity, smoothness and softness by maintaining skin surface moisture.

suziw profile image

suziw 7 years ago from Stockholm

Nice article on skin care recipes Michele - I had planned to write a similar one but I don't think I can add much more regarding the honey receipes. I do use the Oatmeal Honey and Milk Bath recipe myself and recommend it to some of my clients who do feedback that they find it very soothing and refreshing on the skin.

Manuka Honey 7 years ago

Great website you have here, very well researched and written, thanks, I found what I was looking for.

hubbybucks profile image

hubbybucks 7 years ago

Really nice tips regarding honey...keep it up.

Megan 7 years ago

wonderful honey info! Thanks for spreading the word about honey!! check out www.peaceriverbees.com for some very nice honey and skin care products. I use the intensive night repair and honey oatmeal soap and I have seen a great improvement in my skin (little to no more acne)

myislam 7 years ago

i think honey is a great food for many diseases.


Michele Engholm profile image

Michele Engholm 7 years ago from Hutchinson Author

Thanks to you all. I love honey I will never be without it in the house. Blessings to you ....Michele

Volatto profile image

Volatto 7 years ago

Great tips! i have been using honey with great success over the last few weeks!

Glynn 6 years ago

good work.., i’ll try some of them…

skincare 6 years ago

Thank you for sharing all of this wonderful information.

Skin Care Beauty profile image

Skin Care Beauty 6 years ago

Good to point out that if one is going to try honey, organic honey is the best to use.

maggi 6 years ago






Emma Tennant profile image

Emma Tennant 5 years ago from London

As a beekeeper, I really enjoyed reading this article. Honey is a lovely ingredient for cooking, natural beauty or complementary health recipes. My bees produced a wonderful light, floral honey this year that I, my family and friends have been using. And, of course, all honeys are a safe and naturally organic product. However, I would make a plea to not buy pollen or even propolis – it is quite cruel to steal this from foraging bees when they return to the hive and these products are far more valuable to the bee colony than to humans. I would certainly never rob my little ladies of their hard-sought pollen and propolis!

LiesiaApeli 3 years ago

When i used to obtain at the top of lifetime although lately We've piled up an opposition.

Mylindaminka 3 years ago

Если внутренняя косичка деревянного крема выполнена правильно, то внутренние стены нескоро будут нуждаться в шиньоне. Комфорт на даче взятки — реальность? Что такое канализация для дачи в представлении многих людей? Это, как правило, летний водопровод, который на зиму разбирается; также это сточная и выгребная ямы, куда сбрасываются все жидкие отходы, что приводит к неминуемому загрязнению окружающей среды.

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