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Image from http://www.theimpulsivebuy.com/wordpress/2005/06/13/veet-aloe-vera-rasera-bladeless-kit/
Image from http://www.theimpulsivebuy.com/wordpress/2005/06/13/veet-aloe-vera-rasera-bladeless-kit/

If you wear lingerie, it may be time to start shaving your legs. A great deal of the reason why some claim that men don't look good in lingerie is because of the contrast of sweet, light lingerie against thick body hair and I have to say, on some aesthetic level, I quite agree. Shaving your legs (and other body parts) need not be a painful experience, many men who shave quite enjoy it, and I tell you, after the deed is done, your lingerie will feel a hundred times better against your skin.

Removing leg and body hair leaves a soft, smooth, feminine surface for your lingerie to brush against. If you've never experienced the feeling of lingerie against shaved skin, then you are most definitely missing out.

Once you've decided to shave your legs, its time to get the necessary supplies:

I'd advise investing in a separate razor, (with several spare blades, for reasons which will shortly become apparent) one designed for women. These razors are designed to deal with the curves and hard lines that come with legs, unlike face razors which are designed to deal with, well, faces. If you have a decent razor for your face you won't want to ruin it by using it on your legs and other unmentionable areas.

As with your face, use a good shaving cream and it is definitely worth your while to also invest in some moisturizing body lotion for afterward. That will soothe your skin and take down any redness you might experience.

Doing The Deed:

Most importantly I must caution you to take it slowly. Some men shave their faces with brisk, hard strokes which make me cringe. Don't do that to your face, and don't do that to any other part of your body either. You significantly increase your chances of cutting yourself if you shave too fast, too rough, or too hard. It's quite possible to take a strip of skin off with a sharp lady's safety razor, so do be careful.

If you have masses of body hair, take Dani's suggestion (helpful readers are awesome,) and trim the hair with an electric razor. This will make things a great deal cleaner and easier for you, and also prolong the life of your other razors.

Shave from your ankles upwards, not the other way, you always want to be shaving against the direction in which the hair is growing. Take a moment to unclog the razor after each stroke, it is likely to full with hair quickly, especially if this is your first time shaving a full crop of man hair. Keep a few blade changes or disposable razors nearby, you may find they dull quickly, being designed for women whose body hair tends to be a great deal less resilient than men's.

The Short Version:

Take it slowly, enjoy the process and treat your skin with care. Lotion afterward, then enjoy your lingerie.

And that's it, a very simple, quick way to enhance your lingerie wearing experience.

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Dani 7 years ago

I'd like to make a suggestion as well. Use an electric trimmer first to remove the majority of the hair. It may seem obvious, but do this in the shower so you can rinse the hair down the drain. This will help when you start with the razor. Just a little trick I learned along the way:) Thanks Hope!

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

Yes, I really should have mentioned this, in fact I think I'll amend the article... good point Dani!

Victoria 7 years ago

If you are impatient to get through a large crop of hair and don't have an electric trimmer, simply use a back and forth motion. This has the effect of unclogging the razor for the next pass. It works well with multi-blade razors. I do this in the shower, pusing the shower head aside and after having gotten lots of suds from a nylon mesh and body shampoo. Then I move the shower head back to wash off the first crop of hair, and to see what is left.

Panties, hose, bras and slips feel so much nicer on smooth, hairless skin.

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Cantsay 7 years ago

I'm surprised more men don't shave their legs, it feels so much nicer - though I may be bias as I've never liked body hair. Nice hub again Hope, thanks :)

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

A horizontal back and forth motion could lead to slashing your skin, so I don't recommend it. If you're talking about shaving at a 90 degree angle to the way your hair grows, then you're increasing your chances of giving yourself a shaving rash and ingrown hairs. Just slow down and do it right, trust me.

Nanciboy 7 years ago

I might also suggest not trying to do too much at once. If you have never shaved before take the time and do one part at a time. I think I started with my lower legs and did the pair because the outsides didn't have much hair. On another day you can maintain the lower legs and do one upper (more area and harder to reach the back side). Continue on until you have de-furred yourself to the desired extent.

Maintenance, after that, is easier and less time consuming. Of course, the next step is waxing (or laser) but that is a whole 'nother story.

Victoria 7 years ago

I should have said up and down, rather than back and forth. Starting at the ankles, as you said, I pull up. This is enough when I'm shaving regularly. But if I've let a crop of hair grow in, I follow the pull up with a push down to clean the razor. You're right about taking time with it.

Mikki 7 years ago

A couple of suggestions:

The first time you are preparing to shave, use a beard trimmer rather than an electric razor. I typically let my legs go for the summer (because I can't wear a bikini without getting beat up) and then when long pants return for the fall I begin shaving again. I trim with the closest setting for a couple of days to get the hair "used" to being short... sort of a training process. Then for the next week or so I shave every other day going with the grain of the hair... leaving the stragglers, and using some good quality moisturizers. This really helps prepare the skin and your leg hair for those nice close shaves when you really want to dress up to the 9's and feel really soft and feminine.

As a curiosity - how many married men shave their legs and/or "manscape" in the nether regions? Is the response generally "Yuck, you're weird" - "Whatever" - "Wow... I like you smooth"?

My wife falls into the "Whatever" group, neither approving or disapproving, but thinks its a bit odd. Of course, she has no idea about the lingerie either...



John 7 years ago

I started "sneaking" lingerie well before I had any body hair to speak of. Left it for my teen thru military years, and "rediscovered it in my late 20s. The feel with all my body hair just wasn't what it was as a child so, I started shaving regularly. Any Man who hasn't let soft nylon slide across freshly shaved skin just doesn't know the fantastic feeling he is missing. Shaving got to be a hassle and the cream dipilatories didn't work well on my hair so I broke down and bought an Epilator - like a shaver only it plucks hair out by the root. Little bit of pain the first few times but, after that, most hair nerves become less sensitive. Also, after repeated use, it kills some hair roots. I used to have a hairy chest, now just a stray hair here and there. I've been smooth for 8-9 years. Can't imagine allowing it to regrow. The feel of bare legs brushing against floor length nylon gown makes it worth the trouble worth the trouble. Only thing I miss is a lady to share the experience.

RD 7 years ago

Hope, once again you have brought up a topic that needs to be stressed. Any man desiring the best appearance and feel while wearing lingerie should shave their legs, if at all possible. I began enjoying panties and lingerie during my teens before I had much body hair. As I grew older, I would occasionally shave my legs and became really thrilled with the sensation of the fabrics against my skin. As the years passed, I got married. Although I continued to wear panties with my wife's blessing, she felt the shaving was a bit much. So, I stopped shaving my legs. However, I continued to keep the hair trimmed very short. Seven years into our marriage, I was diagnosed with cancer. After my colon surgery, I had to (make that "was privilaged to") wear stockings to prevent blood clots, etc. I went through 3 separate series of chemotherapy and I lost all of the hair on my body. It was then that I soon remembered how wonderful stockings feel on hairless legs. During this time, my wife came to enjoy the soft, smoothness of my hairless legs. Currently, I am cancer-free and no longer taking chemo. However, I now keep my legs clean shaven and encased in stockings or hose most of the time.

My point is, any man that enjoys wearing lingerie needs to shave their body hair at least once. Experience the true feeling and then make your own decision. Don't wait, like I did, until it is forced upon you. Life is too short and precious to not enjoy it to its fullest.

Hope, thank you for being you and allowing me to share here.

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

Thank you for sharing, RD. That's a very poignant story.

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Mikk 7 years ago

I have stayed hairless ever since i was a young lad, partly because i seem to turn into an ape-like creature if i don't. My wife had never been with a man with well kept grooming habits i guess, for she thought it was a bit strange at first, now she never fails to remind me that there is a razor in the shower if I'm getting a little on the shaggy side. Oh, and anything soft and silky in the unmentionables department feels much nicer.

justin 7 years ago

i am 31 years old and i have been shaving everywhere for about 9 years and really there is no way i would stop it feels to good in the summer and winter especially my legs. i am currently having my chest hair laser removed is a little painful but i feel it will be worth it in the end,it does get time consuming shaving everywhere on your body with a razor but it feels a lot better because i also wear thongs every day.

Jenny Doolittle 7 years ago

I have been shaving for a couple years now. I just love the feel of freshly shaved legs rubbing togeather under the sheets. My wife will call me "cactus Legs when I have missed a few days. The one thing that most have not mentioned is....Oh the time we take to stay beautiful, smooth and hairless!

Bobby 7 years ago

I prefer to use Nair spray-on hair remover...it works great but doesn't really smell that great. Leaves my legs way smoother than shaving ;-)

Ter 7 years ago

I've shaved my entire body a couple of times and absolutely agree that it is the most amazing feeling. My GF doesn't mind me dressing but she's not too crazy about my shaving, so sadly, I'm back to being hairy and trimming secretly.

Fred 7 years ago

Hope, as always your hubs are absolutely amazing.

I tried waxing my legs 9done by a professional) instead of shaving. It was not as painful as I thought it would be and the results were amazing. The hair took weeks to grow back. My wife thought it strange at first but now she wants me to go back. From now on I think I will just wax every couple of months.

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joanjo 7 years ago from Herts. U.K.

Hi Hope, I would love to try hairless legs But...the other half would not like it or so she says.What should I do?

Also I would like some info please regarding using wax, is this a good way or are there pitfalls?

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