Hot Showers Cause Wrinkles


A hot shower, especially after a very long day at work is the ideal beauty retreat for most persons to cure exhaustion. Hot showers can be relaxing, relatively inexpensive and they are the best alternatives yet for the winter season. However, evidences show that “pampering” yourselves in hot showers, especially on a repeated basis can cause wrinkles, accelerated aging and dry skin.

Showering with hot water strips the skin of its natural oils and proteins which are needed to protect it from dryness and looking cracked or scaly which results in the early onset of wrinkles. The most vulnerable part of the body to be affected would be the face. The facial skin happens to be very delicate and repeated washes with hot water can cause capillaries to get weak resulting in redness and dry skin.

How Do Hot Showers Cause Wrinkles?

Research shows that Chlorine an oxidant used to treat tap water in our homes and make it safe for consumption causes extensive dryness of the skin, wrinkles and premature aging. Also considered a cancer causing agent, this harsh chemical substance is not healthy for our skin or lungs. A hot shower will cause your pores to open up and absorb the chlorine which is done at accelerated speed because the rate of chemical reactions increases with temperature.

The gas compounds of the Chlorine will then cause tissue damage at a molecular level. The repeated uses of hot showers will then cause the skin to lose its elasticity and overtime damage cellular tissue which will lead to an early aged and wrinkled body as the end result.

Experts warn not to take hot showers-instead, take warm showers or quick cold showers to maintain beautiful skin.

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luisj305 profile image

luisj305 4 years ago from Florida

Wow. I'm not sure if I feel comfortable knowing what's in my shower water...But I can't resist a hot shower..

chavelle profile image

chavelle 4 years ago from Jamaica Author

Thanks for commenting on my hub Luis :)

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