Housewives of ???????

Housewives of Atlanta

appauled by the baby shower attire

women spilling out of their skin tight dresses at a family event

I sat in disbelief

Thinking over and over again - Good grief?

What professional -accomplished- educated woman

Attends baby showers in skin tight mimi's, breasts spilling out in front of people's

Parents, children, and relatives

Prostitute pumps always seem to be in

My mom stared in disbelief as I pointed out the accomplishments and background of each woman seated

Wondering how could these women so comfortably present themselves this way

Future generations are watching them frequently parade around naked

What did their mother's teach them?

I'm just saying there is as time and place to cover

And present yourself properly as a successful woman

For God's sake you are someone's wife and/or mother

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