How Do You Straighten Your Hair? Step by Step Hair Straightening Instructions

Straightening Your Hair

Straightening Hair Basics

Are you looking for the right ways to straighten your hair? The best straightening techniques? You've found the right place! Here I talk you through step by step on how I straighten my own hair. I also list all the hair products and things you need like hair heat protection, hair spray, bobbypins, ceramic straightener, bedhead manipulator, and more!

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Straight Hair Step #1

 You'll need to wash your hair and condition it with products that fit your type of hair (thin, frizzy, thick, long, short, etc.) I use John Frieda products for my blonde hair, it works great for lightening!

Straight Hair Step #2

You'll need to blow dry on high with a straightening attatchment. This helps blow hair directly where you want it which helps tame the frizz. I have pretty thin hair so it only takes about 5-10 minutes to finish drying. Thick and curly hair people will definitely have to spend more time drying!

Straight Hair Step #3

 After your hair is COMPLETELY dry then brush it out and section your hair into two to three sections with bobbypins or hair binders.

Straight Hair Step #4

 After you have your hair sectioned up with half hanging down, spray some heat protection spray all over your hair about 6 inches away. I recommend using the heat tamer spray from the TREsemme product line, it dispurses just enough to go all around your head.

Straight Hair Step #5

Wait about 3-5 minutes after spraying the heat protection to let it soak up in your hair. Then with a comb or brush grab a section of hair and run the straightener from the roots down to the strands until you reach the end. The longer you hold it, the straighter it will be but be careful because you don't want to FRY your hair! After I straighten the first layer I will lightly spray some hair spray to make it stay put.

Straight Hair Step #6

Keep taking down layers of hair that you pinned up and repeating step number 5. After you have finished your whole head, you'll need to grab some bedhead manipulator to tame those little frizzies that stick up by your part. Just use about a dime size of it and rub it in your hands, then go over your hair evenly. Spritz with some more hair spray and you should have gorgeous straight, shiny hair!

How To Straighten Curly Hair

How do you straighten your hair? 1 comment

Jessica 4 years ago

I would like to say I have blonde hair and I straighten my hair not often, here's my routine

5:45 wake up/pee

5:46 get towel and get in shower

5:47 shampoo

5:50 wash out 

5:52 conditioner 

5:55 wash out

5:55 wash body 

5:57 wash off

5:59 shave left leg

6:05 shave right leg

6:10 wash face 

6:12 dry off

6:13 get dress

6:17 brush teeth 

6:20 comb hair

6:25 blow dry hair

6:45 straighten hair/light curl

6:55 get shoes/ accessories/ foundation or makeup

7:00 eat

7:20 leave

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