How I Got a Modelling Contract

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How I Got My Modelling Contract

First off I have to say that I did not apply for the modelling contract because I think I’m gorgeous or even pretty, it’s quite a funny story actually. I had had a few people say that I should find out about modelling because of how different I look in pictures but I didn’t take much notice. I always thought ‘nah I’m too small, not skinny enough and definitely not pretty enough’.

Then one night I was up on my sister’s laptop and I didn’t want to go to sleep because I had to get up early in the morning and I knew that if went to sleep now, I would never be up in time. I got bored of bebo, facebook and msn because no one was online at that time in the morning, it was around 4am. So I just started searching random things on Google. Modelling was one of them and I found a link for applying to an agency called Dynamic Models UK which happens to be one of the top modelling agencies in Britain. I read through their site and it said that they don’t just look for the classic runway model look; they deal with editorial, plus size, commercial, glamour, high fashion and runway.  So, I thought ‘what the hell, why not? It’s just a bit of banter, its not like anything will come of it, might as well try my hand’. And I’m so glad I did because about a month later I got the call asking me to come down to London for my portfolio shoot! I couldn’t believe it, me? Of all people, me?!!

I went down to London on the Megabus a few days before the shoot to stay with my dad and step mum to get settled in. My dad took me shopping and I got a new tracksuit to show some range in the shoot. I chose to wear Love-Label hotpants and a Jane Norman Top, the Lonsdale tracksuit, a swim suit and an evening dress. On the 29th of January 09 I went into central London to Skylite Studios for the shoot. I had my own hair and make up artist and photographer. My dad came with me for moral support which was really good because I was really nervous. It went really well and I got on great with the photographer, he said that I was really easy to work with and took direction well.

I am now just awaiting the email to tell me that my photos have finished being airbrushed and they will then give me my login and password to their website and start setting me up with jobs. I look forward to it!


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