How To Be A Playboy Girl

Who doesn't want to be a Playboy Girl? Hugh Hefner doesn't have many men hanging off his arm, but there's no reason why men shouldn't enjoy playboy fashions in their everyday lives too. Whether you're male or female, you'll be able to pump up your Playboy style quotient by following these super cute tips.

Theme It Up

The playboy girls always wear costumes or at the very least, theme appropriate clothing. Bring a touch of Playboy glamor to your life by theming your wear to mix the events going on in your life. If you attend a funeral, spice up your black dress with a few white coffin decals. If you're attending a board meeting, find some way to incorporate binders into your outfit. Use your imagination.

Remove 50% Of Your Clothing

Look at what you're wearing right now and remove 50% of the fabric. Ensure that at least one erogenous zone is displayed or prominently highlighted. For the evenings, remove 75% of the clothing you would ordinarily wear. Instant Playboy hotness!

A Little Yappy Dog Or Two

If you spend any time at all watching the first season of 'Girls of the Playboy Mansion', you'll realize that daily life should be punctuated by the hysterical yelps of hyperactive small dogs. You'll need more than one if you want to really get the effect of a chorus of small, yappy minions about your feet.

If In Doubt, Scream

Screaming is incredibly feminine, and apparently, if the Girls of the Playboy Mansion are anything to go by, screaming is an appropriate reaction to almost any event. Someone comes to the door? Scream! Someone shakes your hand? Scream! Someone brings you some dry toast and stagnant water? Scream! You get the idea. Contrary to popular logic, your screaming won't annoy people, it will prove your total femininity.

In Spite Of The Fact That You're Surrounded By Luxury, Be Excited By Tiny Things

One of the endearing qualities of the Playboy girls is that they can be excited by the smallest things. Like little babies that can be distracted by a ladybug, if a Playboy girl is in a bad mood, all one need do is throw some streamers in the air and yell 'Surprise!' Cultivate a similar sense of wonder in the world. No matter how small a detail may be, get worked up about it, and if at all possible engage in the hysterical screaming mentioned above.

Dye Your Hair Blonde

Playboy girls are always blondes, and you should be too. At your earliest convenience, dip your head into a vat of peroxide, and your transition from plain Jane or Jim into Playboy diva will be complete!

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