How To Change Your Hair Style Without Cutting

Changing Your Hair Style

Sometimes we just want something a little different for our look, without having to actually cut and permanently change the hair style we have right now.

Here are a few ideas to change things up and get a new hair style, without relying on the conventional curling iron.

From Curly to Straight

If you've ever seen the hair straightners and wondered if they actually work.. They do! Myself, I have straight hair in the front and in the back of my hair a tight natural wave. Without straightening, my hair looks like I only brushed the front and forgot the back.

My mom tells me that when she was young they actually used real irons. I can only imagine the damage this caused to their hair. Using a Ceramic flat iron I am able to get that wave in the back under control and super straight along with the rest of my hair.

To do, start high with flat iron and work downward. Repeat.

BioSilk Gel Is An Amazing Product For Scrunching

From Straight To Scrunched

An easy and fun look that works great for shoulder length hair is scrunching. Brush hair when wet and apply moose or gel to hair length and especially to ends.

Turn head upside and use hands to scrunch hair upwards. Just grab a handful and squeeze. Blow dry on low while scrunching. Apply a heavy amount of hairspray to finish.

It's no longer touchable hair, but it has a fun look.

Heavy use of hair product is not damaging if done occasionally. But it can dull and wear down hair after time. To help protect your hair use a good clarifying shampoo to remove hair product build up and a heavy duty conditioner to protect the hair strands.

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dafla 9 years ago

I have naturally wavy, soft curly hair, so I can go with a lot of different looks. I usually blow dry and just turn under for work, but I can use texturizer and flip it up with curlers, or scrunch it. I can just let it dry naturally with some gel and brush out for soft waves. I love the fact that I can do so much with my hair. When I want to get really adventurous, I tease and scrunch and make little tiny curls in the front and top with a tiny curling iron.

my-hair-tools profile image

my-hair-tools 8 years ago from Ohio

they actually used real irons before.. wow! big difference from today.

2patricias profile image

2patricias 8 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

Interesting ideas - thanks.

Alicia 7 years ago

how about curly hair? all i can do with it is let it down or throw it in a bun on top of of my head

rebeccca 7 years ago

i love these hair styles but im not sure they would look right on me soo i will experment:)


OMG !! i did the scrunched thing and my boyfriend JUST HAPPENED TO BE COMFORTABLE OF HAVING sex nowwwwwwww! LOL LOL


ps I THINK HES GONNA PURPOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow

michelle 7 years ago

i will deff try the scrunched hair style i see a lot of people with it now adays mostly spanish girls and i really like it so i hope it works because my hur is not that soft and its shoulder length...but i will deff comment back to say if it worked or not ! !

Jenaya Carter (Jen-aye-a) is how to pernounce it.i know very pretty!:) 5 years ago

but wait my hair is thick long and curly how can i style it without himidity messing it all up someone please help me i need it!!!!!!!!!

skyla 4 years ago

i was wondering if it was perminit or not if it is reply.

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