How To Make Your Hair Curly With A Ceramic Flat Iron

How To Curl Your Hair With A Ceramic Iron

Ceramic irons are safer to use then conventional irons they hold and distribute heat evenly. This even heat distribution makes them the perfect and safer curling iron for your hair. But did you know that you can curl your hair with the right ceramic iron. I'm talking about he straight ones that you may own already.

Today there are round ceramic irons you can choose to make your hair curl but if you already have a flat one you can still curl your hair . The wider your ceramic flat iron the wider the curl and the smaller the flat iron the smaller the curl. All you have to do is begin to turn the flat iron while allowing your hair to slide around the iron.

Curl Your Hair With A Flat Iron Video

Ceramic Irons may be safer than the old hot irons but they can still be more harmful than not using any heat at all. Sorry but that's the truth. I found another video that shows you how to curl your hair with a larger ceramic iron. Practice is what will make perfect curls. Don't expect to be a pro over night.

Making safer curls should be a priority but of course beautiful curls are instead. Use a protective cream, spray or leave in conditioner before applying heat no matter how safe it is said to be. Hair will become dry and lifeless if hair is stressed continuously with any heating appliances as well as ceramic irons.

How To Choose The Best Ceramic Flat Iron

Before choosing your ceramic flat iron you have to evaluate your experience and hair needs to make a good choice.

  • with or without spring
  • small iron bed
  • wide iron bed
  • one setting
  • number setting
  • budget

Choosing a flat iron that is easy for you to handle and perform for your length hair is essential. Consider you needs before making your choice.

How to curl your hair with a ceramic flat iron takes skills patience and creativity, keeping your hair healthy takes common sense. Choose other curl options when you find yourself curling your hair too much with heat.

You can use rollers, paper bag strips, foils or hair clips while you sleep. You can set your hair with fast drying mouse overnight or create soft curls without setting lotion. There are so many creative ways to curl your hair when curling your hair with a ceramic flat iron is not an option. For other great haircare tips please visit this haircare blog.

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