How To Cure Acne - A Natural Remedy

There are thousands of different acne medications, creams, and soaps on the market today.  Why don't we know how to cure acne?  Why are there so many products? Because none of them cure acne at the source. They treat it from the outside, when the problem stems from the inside.

Your body is like a car, without the proper gas and maintenance it isn't going to run very well. Washing your car every weekend isn't going to keep the engine running for hundreds of thousands of miles. With this analogy in mind, take a look at what you are currently putting into your body. Are you putting the proper fuel in your tank? If your acne is bad, you probably aren't.

Pimples come from follicles on your skin that produce a oily substance called sebum. When these follicles are dirty or clogged the sebum builds up inside the follicle with dirt, dead cells and bacteria. This causes the pimple to grow and become painful. Blackheads only vary slightly from whiteheads. They are open at the tip of the follicle and contain more dirt packed into them. You should not pop pimples because you run the risk of damaging the skin around them, increase the chance of scarring, and leave it open for staph infection.

Keep this "inside-out" method in mind when learning how to cure acne.

The best things you can start doing now to begin curing your acne is to increase the amount of water you drink and eat a healthier diet.  Read on to learn this natural method on how to cure acne.

Image courtesy of Darwin Bell via Flickr.
Image courtesy of Darwin Bell via Flickr.

How To Cure Acne By Drinking Water

There is a big difference between hydrated skin and oily skin. With oily skin the sebum is allowed to build up in your pores causing more acne. With hydrated skin the bacteria and toxins are flushed out by the increased water in your body. This will help prevent acne from coming back.

A little bit of soda or coffee is great, but if you overdo it you will be dehydrated and your skin will revert back to its oily state. Beer, coffee, tea, and soda are all diuretics. Diuretics are things that make you pee alot, which in turn gets rid of water from your body. A cup of coffee in the morning or a soda with lunch isn't going to turn you into a pimply prune, just be sure to drink water continually throughout the day.

Drinking water is a great home remedy for acne. How much should you drink? At least 64 ounces (a half gallon) per day. But this should be increased if you are drinking lots of soda and coffee as well. Keeping a water bottle with you will help you drink more throughout the day. Pay attention to how many times you fill up to make sure that you hit your half-gallon mark for the day. A regular reusable water bottle is between 20 and 32 ounces, so filling it up at least three times a day will reach your goal.

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Heal Your Skin From The Inside Out

How To Cure Acne With A Healthy Diet

I'm not telling you to go on a diet, just pay attention to what your diet consists of! If McDonalds is your second kitchen, and your freezer at home is full of TV dinners and ice cream this may be the cause of your acne. Generally speaking, you should eat more vegetables and fruit than the amount of meat and bread in a day. The added nutrients that vegetables have will help prevent the bacteria buildup in your skin.

Who would have thought that how to cure acne would be so easy!

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Jenny 5 years ago

Congratulations on one of the best acne cure-related hubs I've seen.

I like the fact that, not only have you broken things down into simple stages, but you've also mentioned the most important thing of all: The fact that acne really comes from within, not from without.

So many people miss this, so well done on helping what I hope is a lot of people.

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