How To Get Glowing Face Naturally?

Beautiful Face

In today’s scenario, Everybody wants to look beautiful with  perfection in everything. Beauty will  come with beautiful face, radiant skin & with smile. So let us try some natural tips to make you beautiful without spending money on skin treatments.

Gorgeous face

Radiant Skin
Radiant Skin
Face with Beauty
Face with Beauty

Tips For Fair, Glowing and Beautiful Face

  • Always clean your face with astringent , rose water or cleanser ,when you are coming back to your home.It will remove the dust from your face & make your face clean.
  • Face wash should be used of Renown company. Avoid to use local brands, It can harm to your skin.
  • Wash the face three times minimum per day.
  • Avoid heavy make-up , it can harm to your skin.
  • Go to the Beauty-parlour on monthly basis, If you are lying in between the age of 30-45.Regular facial will help your face to get rid of wrinkles, loose & tining skin.
  • Always protect your face from heat of sun, when you going outside.apply sunscreen lotion on face & cover it with cotton stole.In Summer, try to keep umbrella to get rid from direct sunlight.
  • Avoid bleach to face,if you have fair complexion (bleach results your face with brown hair, will shine in sunlight & look ugly on fairer skin.
  • Face skin is very soft so always use a Soft towel for your face.

Home Remedies

Face packs & Home remedies for Glowing Skin

  • Apply paste of honey & milk cream on face,It will make your face clean & beautiful.
  • Take a one teaspoon of Gram flour,pinch of turmeric powder & four tea spoon milk, mix it well. Keep this paste for half an hour.apply this paste on face, leave for 20 minutes & wash it with water.It will make your face glowing.
  • Take a loose banana, honey & lemon juice.Make a paste of half banana, half teaspoon honey,one spoon lemon juice,apply on your face Instantly. leave it for 20 minutes. It will make your skin beautiful.
  • Take two spoon of Multani powder,add rose water in it. Apply on your face,leave till it dry . then wash it with water.It is very useful for thle skin so use it once in a well.
  • Massage face with cream(facial cram, face gel, cold cream) for 15-20 minutes twice a week using water on palm.It is beneficial for blood circulation,to remove dead skin & give glowing skin.
  • Take a lemon juice & tulsi leaves juice in same quantity to mix.apply it on pimples ,dark spots & dark circles. Get rid from pimples & dark Circles.
  • Take one tea spoon milk cream & add lemon juice to it. Massage well with this mixture for 15 minutes, leave for ten minutes & then wash it with water. In a few days, your face will be glowing .
  • To get rid from under eye dark circles, take one par of lemon juice & add four part of water. Massage well & wash your eyes with this solution for few days.You will see a better change in your face.
  • In winters,take two drops of almond oil & apply it on face.It will nourish & make your skin beauiful.
  • Take one teaspoon of dried lemon powder,one tea spoon gram flour & chilled milk (not boiled).Add all these & mix well .apply this paste on face, leave for 10 minutes. Wash your face with water. Do it regularly. After 15 days you will get smooth & radient skin.
  • One tea spoon of lemon juice & add some drops of olive oil. Apply before sleeping on your face. It will remove dryness of skin & make beautiful.
  • Take a few drops of rose water & add orange leaves .apply on pimples & dark spots. I will clear your face.
  • Take lemon juice, milk powder, turmeric powder in same quantity & apply on your face. After five minutes, wash face with water. It will give a fair complexion.
  • Diet is also very important so you should drink 10-12 glasses of water. Drink any Fruit juice thrice per week, eat fruits, green vegetables etc.
  • Eat well balanced diet that includes proteins , vitamins & fibres. Dieting also turn your face dull & dark.

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vishnu 17 months ago



adonia profile image

adonia 22 months ago Author

Mix Gram flour in rose water, apply paste...

adonia profile image

adonia 22 months ago Author

To stop hair loss... Have a very balanced diet soaked almond a lot

2nd massage your hair regularly at least twicw in a week.

adonia profile image

adonia 22 months ago Author

Apply a paste of ripe banana with honey & mix pinch of turmeric powder.

It will lighten your spots.

adonia profile image

adonia 22 months ago Author

Apply some rose water & leave it for 5-7 minutes....don't wippe your face.

try at least for 15 days... you will notice the difference

adonia profile image

adonia 22 months ago Author

apply a paste of besan with honey & milk.... Its is really very effective

purnima 23 months ago

How can i get rid of hair on my face

sunita 2 years ago

Hi, Ma face looks so dull wen i go out wid frds ... Ma face looks soo dull .... Plz suggest me some tips ....

hadiyah 2 years ago

i have dark spots on my face how I get rid frm this

anusha 2 years ago

Plzzz give me tips for rapid hair loss...

Sanjana 2 years ago

My face is dull Nd oily. Nd I hv many dark spots nd pimples on face. Also wants glowing skin. Which remedies should suit on me???

profile image

Sandra Ortega 2 years ago

I am using eye rid serum for making my skin glowing and trust me eye rid serum is awesome work for me.

jeet 2 years ago

Hi I want to know tips to remove hair on face

manisha yadav 3 years ago


i want to know how many times in a day i can use face pack which u have mention thanks.

sneh 3 years ago

thank u so much , actually m having pimples, dark spots on my face so I think these remedied will help me out

adonia profile image

adonia 3 years ago Author

Hi Asma,

Apply natural homemade face pack at least once in a week.

adonia profile image

adonia 3 years ago Author

Hey Rathana,

Apply mixture of Gram Flour & rose Water.

Apply honey mixing with curd to minimize blemish.

adonia profile image

adonia 3 years ago Author

Thanks Sneeha

SNEEHA 3 years ago

All this tips help me thank you for your tips....................................

rachana 3 years ago

thanks for your tips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Rathana 3 years ago

I have pimple and blemish by pimple on my face...I want to reduce can I do ?

nethra 4 years ago

thanks for ur tips........................

it is really fabulous........

asma 4 years ago

this is relay very effective than x for tips,

but advise me my skin is very dull and many spot plz plz advice me for glowing skin

soumya 4 years ago

thank you for the tips

somi 4 years ago

yes.these tips are the secret of glowing skin.

harry 4 years ago

How to get glowing face

priyanka 4 years ago

this really very effective thanx for tips

nisha 4 years ago

thanks for tips is very useful and effective

adonia profile image

adonia 4 years ago Author


adonia profile image

adonia 4 years ago Author

Eat gooseberry in the morning Empty Stomach

adonia profile image

adonia 4 years ago Author

Eat more vegetables in raw & apply gram flour by adding milk.....

priya 4 years ago

thanku for updating this beuty tips.this's usfull for evry one.thanku verymuch.

madhu 4 years ago

i want to try in my holidays.but these tips are very beautiful

vinod 4 years ago

how to rid of white hair

sonali das 5 years ago

thanku for ur tips.

Anchal 5 years ago

Thanks these are really good methods...i want to know how we can get clear skin from blemishes?

adonia profile image

adonia 6 years ago Author

Thanks janet for comment & for adding Information to this hub.....

Karen N profile image

Karen N 6 years ago from United States

Very helpful information, we all need to spend a little more time on our skin.

Janet 6 years ago

Beautiful hairs requires a great care of the hair treatment and healthy of your hairs. All started from what you eat is what you are. Sometime people seems that they don't understand why they have a lot of pimpers even though they have taken a good care of their skin, but they foresee their diet and their eating habit which determines the overall fitness.

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