How To Make a Honey Face Mask

Why Make a Honey Face Mask

 A honey face mask is great to make for a few reasons. Firstly it's easy to make at home which also makes it very cost effective. Plus, when you look at the health benefits of honey you're doing yourself good on more than one level.

Honey has long been used for medicinal purposes, and is even now finding its way into conventional medicine where honey is being used as part of wound dressing practices due to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Of course an added advantage of honey is its sweet taste, which when put together with its medicinal abilities means it's perfect for things like sore throats.

Of course not all honeys are alike, they vary in taste depending on where the bees gathered their nectar and how the honey is blended. Buy a random selection from any store and do a blind taste test and you'll soon see what I mean.

What Type of Honey to Use For a Face Mask

From a practical point of view I'd always go for one you like the taste of ~ it's remarkable difficult not to lick your lips.

If you can find a locally produced honey that can be good to use - apart from the obvious environmentally friendly aspects of not using something that's traveled thousands of miles there is a theory that can eating locally produced honey can help prevent allergies (though probably of more use on your toast in the morning that as a face mask).

Important: Before slathering any of the following face mask suggestions onto your face always do a skin test first. Just because honey is a natural product doesn't mean you won't have a reaction to it. 

Types of Honey Face Mask

The simplest type of honey face mask to use is plain honey, gently warmed. The best way to warm it is to place the jar in a saucepan of warm water and heat it gently. Using the microwave will work but there is a high risk of producing hot spots in the honey - which you definately do not want.

Before appying the honey to your face make sure all your hair is pulled back and use a warm face cloth to open up the pores. Spread the warm honey in a thin layer over your skin and leave for around 20 mins then rinse off with warm water.

For more of a facial scrub effect mix the honey with some granulated sugar and rub into your skin - again using the same process of a warm face cloth to open your pores, and rinsing in warm water afterwards.

Oats can also be used instead of sugar to provide a homemade exfoliating honey mix.

There are many other types of honey face mask you can make including ones specifically for different types of skin - and you'll find many of them listed here.

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fashion 5 years ago

WOW What a hub.Enhance your natural beauty with nature.Honey mask is helpful to enhance face beauty.

Angie Parsel 5 years ago

u should prob. include a recipe so people can print an duse later and the video cut short oh well! it works great and feels great thxssss!

Frankson Phiri 5 years ago

Great information about honey masks. The link at the end of the article ponts to a web page with actual recipes. There is also another page on face book with a free 10 day course about homemade skin care recipes. Here is a link

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