How To Stop Your Zipper Coming Undone

A picture tutorial of a quick fix that guarantees your jeans zipper won't fall down or become unzipped during your day.

Have you ever experienced that sad moment when your zipper on a favourite pair of jeans decides it has had enough? All of a sudden, every time you wear them you need to worry about whether or not you're flashing your undies (or worse, if you're going commando). With this quick fix, you can wear your jeans with total peace of mind and stop your jeans zipper from falling down!

Step One

Find a keychain you don't particularly like. Remove the ring.

Please no! Not me!
Please no! Not me!
This is the bit you're after.
This is the bit you're after.

Step 2

Loop the keychain ring to your jeans zipper (as in the picture below)

Step 3

Zip up your jeans as you normally would, and loop the ring around the jeans button.

Step 4

Button as you usually would, which conceals the contraption. Nobody will ever know!

Note: make sure the ring isn't visible from the side of your jeans. Also: try sitting down to make sure the ring is not visible when you sit down.

Ta da!
Ta da!

Do you have more household tips? Share them in the comments below!

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Comments 14 comments

cheapstuff profile image

cheapstuff 4 years ago from California

Pretty useful, never thought of doing that. I have an issue with zippers coming unzipped at the worst moments. Voted up!!!

Sanjida Alam profile image

Sanjida Alam 4 years ago from Bangladesh

Haha, creative mind :-) Never thought of doing so :-(

jeanihess profile image

jeanihess 4 years ago from Cape Town South Africa

Very clever:)

Doctor Kristy profile image

Doctor Kristy 4 years ago from Australia Author

Thank you for commenting cheapstuff, Sanjida Alam and jeanihess! Hopefully one day in a potentially embarrassing situation this tip saves you.

Simone Smith profile image

Simone Smith 4 years ago from San Francisco

This is so brilliant! LOVE this Hub, Doctor Kristy! What a simple practical solution.

theraggededge profile image

theraggededge 4 years ago from Wales

So simple! Thank you soooo much!

moonlake profile image

moonlake 4 years ago from America

What a good idea. I sometimes need that on my jeans. Voted and shared.

rahul0324 profile image

rahul0324 4 years ago from Gurgaon, India

A very practical solution... This is going to help me.. for sure :)

Thank you

Millionaire Tips profile image

Millionaire Tips 4 years ago from USA

This is very helpful. I think a rubberband would also work in a pinch.

Angela Brummer profile image

Angela Brummer 4 years ago from Lincoln, Nebraska

Unfortunatley I may be able to use this as I have worn the same size since highschool but, suddenly have a chubby tummy. I refuse to go up a size know it is warm out and the extra weight will come off some. Thanks I may need this!

Triplet Mom profile image

Triplet Mom 4 years ago from West Coast

Wow!! This is awesome. I am going to try it on my favorite pair of pants.

JayeWisdom profile image

JayeWisdom 4 years ago from Deep South, USA

Neat trick!

Laura Schneider profile image

Laura Schneider 3 years ago from Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

Doctor Kristy, thank you so much! You just saved my favorite (nearly-new) denim skirt from the rag bag by about 1 day! Now I can just find a ring that will go over the lower button and nobody will ever know. Thank you for saving one of my favorite outfit mixers!

NOTE: This would also be a good "trick" to help people with arthritis or other finger mobility issues to wear zippered clothing again, too! The ring is bigger and easier to grab than the little zipper pull. They can have someone with dexterity install rings like this (available in different sizes at most bead working/jewelry making/craft making stores) on all of their zippered clothes, existing and future.

Note also that there is a special tool just for prying open the rings (which can be very stubborn). Ask at any bead/jewelry-making/crafting store for "Split Ring Pliers", which generally cost around $6 for the non-professional quality pliers, which should be good enough for this type of job. This tool will save your fingernails and your fingertips from tight pinches.

Voted up, Awesome, shared....

ThelmaC profile image

ThelmaC 3 years ago from Blue Ridge Mountains, USA

Wow what a simple fix to this problem. Thanks for the info!

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