How to Accessorize a Purple Cocktail Dress

Cocktail dresses in any color or style are a versatile and stylish way to look good at a very wide variety of parties, get-togethers and other occasions.  We have seen a lot more different types of cocktail dresses come to light in recent years, as women everywhere are really expanding their horizons and updating their tastes with fresh takes on classic designs.  There are a number of examples out there of innovative styles and even colors of cocktail dresses, one of which would have to be purple cocktail dresses.  Purple is a great color for a number of occasions, and more and more women are starting to buy cocktail dresses in that color, in order to stand out in an attractive way.

What to Wear With the Dress

The question that many women have with dresses of different colors, in particular purple, is, "what do I wear with it?"  After all, accessorizing a pretty dress is one of the most important parts of looking your best.  The right accessories can even make a rather bland dress a showstopper or classic-looking piece.  At the same time, without accessories, a dress with a lot of potential can end up fading into the background.

Shine It Up With Some Jewelry

Of course, one of the best ways to accessorize with any dress is with jewelry!  It is very important to pick the right necklace, earrings, and even bracelet to really bring out the qualities of a dress, as well as to accentuate the beauty of the wearer herself.  The key with properly accentuating a purple dress is to avoid the temptation to match it with colored gemstones.  Instead, a tasteful assortment of jewelry, including silver, which looks very nice with purple, can be employed.  Diamond earrings, as always, are a great option as well.

Other Ways to Accessorize

Remember, jewelry is not the only way to accessorize a beautiful dress.  There are other methods of doing so, as well.  For instance, at a more formal gathering (or a gathering at winter time), gloves are a great way to accessorize while taking advantage of a more classic look.  Gloves will come in different lengths, of course, and are a great way to really bring the whole ensemble together.  Shoes may not usually be thought of as a way to accessorize, but by wearing a shoe with a color that compliments your purple dress, you will also bring out the color in the dress quite nicely.

There are great opportunities to be had for women who are adventurous enough to consider an often overlooked color when making a cocktail dress purchase.  With a purple cocktail dress, you can really stand out from the crowd and make an impression to others, showing them that you are not afraid to do something different.  It is also a very stylish look that many women can pull off with a little effort, and choosing the right ways to accessorize are a great way to make sure your outfit is a success!

Purple Dresses

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