How to Apply Eyeshadow - Professional Tips

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Learning the Tips to Successful Eyeshadow Application

Professional Make Up Artists Show You How to Apply Eyeshadow

Professional’s recommend basic techniques from looks you can do everyday. The consensus among professionals is to layer! Blending and layering is a process that allows the eye makeup to smoothly transition across the eye creating a professional look.

Proper application of eye shadow is something that you learn with practice by following the expert advice of professionals. There are literally hundreds of videos online available for your use. However many of these videos on eyeshadow application contradict one another in methods. Few talk about the actual tools of the trade and how to select the colors and brushes that work best for home applications. Anyone can achieve professional results when an professional is applying the makeup, but few achieve the same results on their own.

The key for successful eyeshadow application is to make your yes the focal point not the area around them. Learning how to put on eyeshadow from the professionals.

Basic Tips for Applying Eyeshadow:

  • Always use a Base
  • Always use the proper eyeshadow brush
  • Choose Color Shadow that makes your eyes “pop”
  • Use Color that compliments your skin tones
  • Go “light”… when in doubt don’t over apply

Now on to the Professional "How to" Guidance

Professional Eyeshadow Application

Professionally applied Eyeshadow
Professionally applied Eyeshadow

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Makeup 101 – How to Apply Eyeshadow

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xoxojennyxoxo 7 years ago

How come this looks so easy but when i try it it doesnt look the same? what could i be doing wrong?

MikeNV profile image

MikeNV 6 years ago from Henderson, NV Author

Practice! Even amateurs at home can get excellent results with practice.

allthingstasty profile image

allthingstasty 5 years ago

yea im definitely not getting results and ive been practicing. they look ok but not like that.

perlwatson profile image

perlwatson 4 years ago from England

great is helpful when it comes to applying makeup

ChristinalMiller profile image

ChristinalMiller 3 years ago from Seattle, Washington

I really appreciated this video. I'm trying to improve my make-up skills and finding this kind of information can be difficult. Thank you.

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