How to Choose Beauty Products For Skin And Hair?

How to Choose Beauty Products For Skin And Hair?

The major concern of society in the 21st century is beauty, and increasingly men and women seek measures to look better. Companies that have grown and profited most are those of beauty products.

To help you choose the perfect beauty product for skin care and hair care here are some tips:

Beauty Products for Oily Skin

  • People with oily skin must wash skin with specific products such as gel no alcohol, because alcohol stimulates the production of sebum.
  • Wear sunscreen water-based.
  • Important Do not use products containing oils in its composition.
  • For oily skin always require a lot of cleaning, never leave the makeup on the skin, always use removers and cleansing.
  • Make a regular exfoliation into your skin, and always use soap suitable for oily skin.

Beauty Products for Mixed Skin

  • The key for those with this combination skin is to see where it is more oily and where it is drier, so it is easier when you apply the products.
  • Use mild soaps and tonics, creams and moisturizing products based on water.

Beauty Products for Normal Skin

Are recommended for normal skin products like sunscreen, soaps for cleaning cream for removing makeup, moisturizers and ultimately is not because your skin is normal that you will leave her without any treatment.

Beauty Products for Dry Skin

  • Dry skin is a problem for many people, the skin is dry from lack, or fail to retain water, some external factors like climate can also influence a lot.
  • For dry skin care beauty products are indicated those from fruit, such as: A natural moisturizing mask made at home: avocado, carrot, papaya and milk.
  • Use beauty products with moisturizing agents and renovators of cells, creamy soaps, and always use sunscreen.
  • Avoid very hot baths and time consuming, because they contribute to the dryness and premature ageing.
  • Some simple care to maintain a good diet and drink plenty of water help to beautify the skin, making it more lush and beautiful.

Bauty Products fo Hair

For hair are also offered many types of products, be aware of your hair type and use the right product. Important to mention that the agents of nature like wind, sun, dry air, humid air, have much influence in your hair, so each season is recommended a specific product. As an example, protecting against sun rays in summer, and moisturizers in the winter.

Products for Oily Hair

  • Do not apply conditioner and cream into the hair root.
  • Choose products that remove or balance the oil.
  • Once a week use shampoo to clean the scalp.
  • Use of silicone conditioners.
  • Avoid passing styling creams, ointments or wax finish.

Products for Dry Hair

  • For dry hair are recommended products that hydrate and replace the oil, people with dry hair can abuse moisturisers, creams, ointments and wax finish or combing your hair.
  • Always wear protective against the sun's rays on hair.

Products for Mixed Hair

  • Mixed Hair on the root are usually oily and dry at the tips, sometimes even with the famous split ends, apply the tips and products repairers RECONSTRUCTIONIST, sunscreen, and abuse of the creams.
  • In most close to the scalp use cleansing shampoo.

Products for chemically treated hair

  • Chemically treated hair should always be hydrated with silicone-based products, keratin, shea, among others.
  • Use shampoo and conditioner for hair with specific chemical. Periodically use a cleansing shampoo.

Products for Colored Hair

Use products specifically for colored hair, because they help keep the color longer, abuse of moisturizers.

Products for Hair with Dandruff

Hair with dandruff deserve special attention, use anti-dandruff shampoo itself, the basis of zinc, if not alleviate the problem is fundamental to seek medical attention.

A good diet and stable emotional state also work to keep the skin and hair more beautiful and colorful. Eating plenty of fruits and water are mostly healthy and factors that may also help.

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