How to Choose The Best Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator Sunglasses Are For Men and Women

Aviator Sunglasses - A Fashion Statement for Both Men and Women
Aviator Sunglasses - A Fashion Statement for Both Men and Women

Choosing Aviator Sunglasses As A Fashion Statement

Aviator sunglasses have been the number one choice for many years when it comes to choosing sunglasses with fashion in mind. Celebrities like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are often seen wearing these awesome shades. What's more, they have been known for their mystique ever since General Douglas MacArthur wore them in WWII and Tom Cruise wore a pair in the movie Top Gun.

Today's fashion conscious people love these sunglasses because they compliment just about any look they want to project. Casual or dressy, they add that special something to your wardrobe. And I was one of these people who had a love affair with aviator sunglasses.

BUT, when I decided to buy a pair, I ran into a whole slew of complications!

I found out that there's a lot more involved in actually choosing aviator sunglasses than just walking into a store and trying on a few. That's why I want to share with you those things you need to know before you actually buy.

Here are some of the things I learned:

  1. Aviator sunglasses are made by many different manufacturers, and they are not all the same. While they all have the same basic styling, they don't all offer the same features. The color of lenses offered; the style of the frames; the color of the frames; the materials used to create the lenses; the amount of polarization offered to protect against damage to your eyes; whether or not the lenses are mirrored; the construction of the glasses...and on and on..... It was confusing, to say the least!
  2. You need to have an idea of what features you want before you even begin to shop. I didn't, so I really struggled with trying to compare the lens color of one pair vs. the government suggested polarization of another vs. the cost of both, and so on. My trying to decide on a pair of aviator sunglasses without a list of priorities in mind was really frustrating. That's why I highly recommend that you decide up front what you really want.
  3. Learn the purpose of each feature, what variations are available, and what that means. For instance, polycarbonate lenses make the weight of the aviators a lot lighter. That means that they are more comfortable to wear.
  4. To protect your eyes from damage caused from UVA and UVB rays, you need UV 400 protection.
  5. Mirrored lenses and the color of the lenses themselves can be chosen to suit your fashion sense. They don't add much one way or the other as far as the protection provided by the aviator sunglasses.
  6. There's a huge number of manufacturers who make aviator sunglasses. Almost all designers have one or more versions of aviators, there are a ton of replica aviators out there, and you can even buy vintage aviators on auctions like e-bay. I learned that just because a pair of aviator sunglasses had a designer label, it wasn't necessarily any better than some of the replica brands. Unfortunately, I also found out that in some cases the designers offered features that the replicas didn't, so you really have to think this one through. That's why it's so important to have an idea ahead of time as to what features you really want.
  7. Aviator style sunglasses can be purchased for $2.00, $500.00, or anything in between. I recommend that you have an upper limit in mind as to what you can afford before you go shopping...and then look at a variety of sunglasses from that limit down. At that point, you can concentrate on getting both the features you want and the most that your budget can afford.
  8. Aviator sunglasses come in three different sizes...small, medium, and large. You need to know which size fits your face. Even though I finally bought my sunglasses online, I went to a local department store to try on the three sizes to find out which best fit my face.
  9. When you finally decide you're ready to buy, do spend some time shopping for your aviators online. You'll have a larger selection to choose from than you will at any brick and mortar store. Just make sure that you don't buy from an online merchant unless they offer a return policy and are available for customer service if you need it.

Choosing aviator sunglasses is different for everyone. No two people will necessarily choose the same features, colors, or sizes. I hope I've helped you to think about the things that could make a difference between a purchase you love, and a purchase you hate.

Happy choosing!!

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Nakojua 6 years ago

Great Hub! I am in Love with Aviator Sunglasses! Trying to buy some that will look good any favorites??

Fashion guru 6 years ago

I agree that designer shades aren't always the best. I bought a pair of Kenneth Cole aviators and was disaopointed with them. However, I purchased a pair of Fossil Aviators identical to the ones in Top Gun and would never part with them at any price.

Thanks for the advice on shoppping for aviators.

Aviation debt collection 5 years ago

I love aviator sunglasses and am glad you put this hub together. It is very useful!

LoopyRacer 4 years ago

If you're a pilot looking for sunglasses check out this link:

av8erprince profile image

av8erprince 4 years ago from Sacramento, CA

Here is a great post about the aviator sunglasses -

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