How to Erase Wrinkles in 6 Ways

There exists a long list of factors that causes your wrinkles. We have a good news and a bad news for you. The bad news is that there are very few ways by which you can get rid of them. The good news is that, majority of which are very much effective in freeing your skin from the bondage of wrinkles and fine lines, including other signs of skin aging.

If you are seriously bothered about multiple signs of skin aging, below is a summary of six ways by which you can get rid of those lines and creases that are beginning to love to love your skin.

1. Stem Cell Rejuvenation.

A rather quite new but highly commended procedure that involves grafting stem cells from one part of your body to place in another is what stem cell rejuvenation is all about.

Stem cells are generic, unassigned cells of your body. This is how all cells start off before they were a cell of any organ you have. When these are reinjected to your skin, they improve the appearance of your skin issues, including wrinkles. The overall result is a revitalized skin, better able to perform the rigors of regular skin cell repair, regeneration and turnover.

2. Radiofrequency Energy Treatment.

Wrinkles are caused by skin that has lost its healthy elasticity levels. This procedure can help correct and improve loose and saggy skin. Radio frequency Energy Treatment uses sound waves that travel underneath the deeper skin layers, causing tissues to become re-energized. The result is an overall improvement in skin structure which tightens and firms up skin.

3. Microdermabrasion.

It is still, technically speaking, a form of exfoliation which involves damaging the top skin layer so that new, flawless, undamaged skin can be formed from within the deeper layers of the skin. This new skin then is surfaced and forces old skin cells to become eliminated. The result is smoother, unwrinkled skin that’s more radiant and young looking.

4. Fraxel.

Also known as fractional laser or, non-ablative laser treatment, Fraxel is used to improve the appearance of multiple skin issues including wrinkles but also hyper prigmentation, dark spots and stretch marks. Fraxel works on these skin issues by deliberately making laser-induced wounds on and deep within the skin. These wounds are so small which, upon the detection of skin receptors, tells your skin to produce new skin which, in turn, forces old, damaged skin layers to be eliminated.

Fraxel can be expensive depending on the area that needs to be treated, and can well cost anywhere between US$800 and US$2,000.

5. Botox.

Botolinum Toxin Type A was the most availed of minimally invasive clinical procedure in 2015, with over 6.7 million procedures performed. This new record represents a 759% increase from Year 2000 figures. This procedure utilizes the toxin to numb your facial muscles. As the muscles relax, your wrinkled skin also releases the tension and smoothness out.

6. Wrinkle Creams.

If you’re not quite yet ready to either go under the knife nor undergo any of these skin treatments mentioned above, you will be happy to know that advancements in topical skincare are making it possible for instantly smoother, younger skin to be achieved. However, these improvements are doubted to redound to long term results.

When you do subscribe to a wrinkle cream, look for beneficial ingredients which your aging skin would love to quench at, such as peptides, antioxidants, retinols, essential oils and ceramides. Some products, like Hydrolux, even contain a synthetic version of Waglerin 1, a peptide from the venom of the Malaysian Temple Viper, which has been observed to numb facial muscles. The skin then becomes unwrinkled as it goes back to its relaxed, untensed state.


Do not be afraid to explore science, and you’ll find yourself beyond amazed at what these new skincare technologies can do for you.

Can Wrinkle Creams Really Erase Wrinkles?

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