How I Fixed My Hair Coloring Disaster


Don't Stress, You CAN Fix It!

OH MY! I got myself into a "real pickle" a few days ago. I noticed that my roots were beginning to show, and I needed to color my hair again. Let me start by saying that I am NOT a beautician, and I do color my hair every few months. My normal hair color is a medium brown with a little grey coming in. I use a dark ash blonde on my hair because my hair takes color very well, and a dark ash blonde looks like a very light brown on me. I choose to use the dark ASH blonde because I have reddish undertones, and the ashiness tones them down.

Well, I have learned after this experience to NEVER change the hair color I was comfortable with and accustomed to using. In hindsight, I know I should have gone with my usual dark ash blonde. But, there was a different color in the Walmart hair coloring aisle called "Ultra Light Ash Brown" and I grabbed it off the shelf without much thought.

The result? A hair color that looked as if I literally stood underneath a mound of volcanic ash. Seriously. Sunday night, after I colored it, I thought it looked okay. Then my teenage son said,"Mom, it looks grey." I denied any greyness and dismissed his comment.

The next morning, as I walked into my second grade classroom and prepared for my students to come in, I looked in the mirror and did notice that, yes, indeed, it looked "grey" under those flourescent classroom lights. As my students entered the classroom, they looked up at me and said, "Mrs. H., your hair is grey." Then I knew I was in trouble.

Seven year olds are VERY honest.

So I went to the cafeteria later that day and showed my head of ashy hair to the cafeteria worker, who is a licensed beautician on the side. She said, "OH Lord, what have you done?" She then recommended that I get a light brown, no ash, and that should do the trick.

Feeling optimistic, that night I applied the light brown to my hair. OH no. It turned my hair a dark, ashy, bluish-greyish deathly hue. I began to panic. I immediately ran out to the store and got a medium blond shade, thinking it would lighten it.

I was worried that it would turn my hair green from the over-processing, but I got lucky and it didn't. But it really didn't lighten it much, either. Ugh.

For the next two days I really tried to accept the color. It was a dark brownish color with a little ash. Every time I looked in the mirror I just could not like my hair.

I went back down to the beautician at the school and asked her what to do. She recommended using Tide with Bleach. She told me to wash, condition, and rinse several times.

So tonight, after washing soaking my hair with Tide with Bleach, letting it sit for 15 minutes, conditioning it, then drying it, and then repeating this process two more times, I noticed that it was lightening up and the ash was gone. But it still was a little too uneven and darker (just slightly) around my face, so I then sprayed lemon juice on my dried hair, let it sit for a little while, then blow dried it again.

Wow, what a difference. I then washed my hair with Pert Plus, conditioned it heavily, and dried it again.

Shew! What an ordeal! But my hair is finally the color I was looking for. Did I get lucky? Yes. Thank goodness my hair is very healthy to begin with and my hair did not fall out.

I will definitely think twice before coloring my hair again.

NOTE: I am not a beautician. However, a licensed beautician was the one who gave me this advice. I am not saying that Tide with Bleach or lemon juice will work for you, but it may be worth a last-stitch effort if you are desperate like I was. Thank goodness for happy endings.

Now my second graders may approve of my hair. :)


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