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Natural skincare
Natural skincare

Natural Skincare

Many people struggle with uneven skin tone and dull skin. Especially those of us who live in the city. It can be really difficult to keep your skin looking bright and radiant if you live int he city. With the pollution and other free radicals in the atmosphere your skin is bound to look dull and uneven. However, you don't have to worry about this problem anymore, and you don't have to spend a fortune on expensive facial treatments or products either. You can actually totally even out your skin tone by using some natural ingredients that you can piurchase from your local farmers market or supermarket store. Okay do you want to know the secret? Keep reading to find out how you can even out your skin tone and give yourself a bright an even complexion as well add moisture and softness to your hair.


Papaya is known for it's skin and hair benefits, however most people just think that they have to consume large amounts of papaya to experience the benefits. Consuming papaya is advisable because of the fact that it contains the phytonutrient lycopene which is well known for fighting cancer cells and for giving the skin that healthy glow. You can actually apply it to your skin as well to experience the benefits of it. Here are a couple of papaya mask recipes that you can use for your skin and hair.

Papaya also contains potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C and carotene. it is also good for inflammation and contains digestive enzymes that aid digestion.


Papaya skin Brightening Mask

1 cup unripe papaya, chopped

1 teaspoon plain yogurt

1 teaspoon honey

1 teaspoon vitamin E oil


Put all the ingredients into a blender and blend it together until it is smooth. Make sure you do not over process because you do not want it to be so smooth that you can actually spread it on your face. Now, you can spread it on a damp face and leave it for about 15 minutes. Then you need to rinse it off with lukewarm water, making sure that you remove everything. Then pat with cold water and dry your face with a soft towel.

Note: You can use this same mixture in your hair if you wish, put it in wet hair and leave it in for about half an hour. Rinse it out with warm water, followed by cool water, your skin should feel shiny and healthy.

Remember: You can also add papaya to your smoothies and eat in your green salads or fruit salads. Using it topically and consuming it will only double the benefits. Good luck !

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