How to Get Great Smelling Hair / Make your Hair Smell Good: Hair Perfume


Does Your Hair Seem to Absorb Smells?

Do you want to know how to get great smelling hair and keep it that way ? Does your hair smell good after you wash it then when you come home after a short time out your hair smells bad? The wind and the outdoors can really make your hair stink because your hair will absorb the smells from outside. The outdoors nowadays are full of pollution and unappealing odors you don't want your hair smelling like.

Shampoo and Condintioners

Shampoo and conditioners can help with this problem, but the smell of shampoo tends to wear off quickly. After testing many I have found Herbal Essences has the best shampoo in terms of lasting smell, I could smell it in my hair the day after I washed not just a couple of hours after.

Of course regular washing is a must for great smelling hair. Every other day is the recommended washing routine, but if you have oily hair or dry hair washing too often can worsen things. So I would recommend dry shampoo for those with oily hair and waterless shampoo for those with dry hair. Try to get ones that have a scent you find appealing.

Hair Perfume?

Don't try spraying perfume or body spray into your hair ever. They usually contain alcohol which will dry out and damage your hair. Instead try creating your own hair perfume to keep your hair smelling fresh and clean. You can make it yourself at home with the scents you enjoy and if you use coconut oil or jojoba oil your hair will be hydrated and happy!

You Need:

  • Spray bottle (available at the dollar store)

Any Scent you like:

  • Examples:
  • Rose Water
  • Coconut oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • lavender

Simply fill the spray bottle with the scent mix you like and spritz your hair lightly !

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