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Looking Fresh and Natural - Tips and Secrets

People often consider a fresh and natural look to be the ultimate indicator of health, vibrancy, and youth. Yet, we often think this look is hard to achieve so we don't even try. Instead, we pile on the makeup and continue with the habits that may leave or skin looking in these qualities.

I have realized that how we feel on the inside is absolutely reflected in how we look on the outside. So, if we feel healthy, fresh, and natural, we will naturally have these qualities on the outside.

But, what does it mean to truly look and be fresh and natural? Namely, what is needed to get there? To me, these are the traits that will get you there

  • Following a healthy lifestyle by eating right, exercising, and drinking plenty of water.
  • Using high quality skin care products that leave your skin looking fresh and healthy.
  • Applying minimal makeup so as to not detract from your natural beauty.

Notice how I didn't really mention your wardrobe. I don't feel as if that has anything to do with whether or not you look fresh and natural. I believe that everyone should follow their on personal sense of style. Don't dress in "earthy" fashions if you don't like them just because you think it will help you achieve this look.

Living a healthy lifestyle is a big part of being healthy and natural.
Living a healthy lifestyle is a big part of being healthy and natural. | Source

Fresh and Natural Beauty - Healthy Lifestyle is Key

The very first place to begin if you are on a journey to being a fresh and natural beauty is with your lifestyle habits. They should be as healthy as possible because good health is reflected on the outside.

It will help keep your skin clear and bright. Your muscles will look toned which will increase your attractiveness. Plus, how good you look on the outside depends on whether or not you are taking in the right blend of nutrients to help you look good.

The things you should really pay attention to are

  • Your eating habits. Eat a diet rich in healthy proteins, fruits and vegetables, and healthy carbohydrates with plenty of fiber. You will also want to consume a good amount of healthy fats.
  • Take a multivitamin and mineral supplement. It is also a good idea to take a daily mineral and vitamin supplement to make sure you get what you need.
  • Drink plenty of water. This is also very important. If you are dehydrated it shows up on your skin. Plus adequate hydration is important for your whole body.
  • Exercise. Getting enough exercise will also do wonders for keeping you healthy. Try to do something you enjoy each day. Not only will it help you shape a great figure, but your skin will glow with health from the physical activity.

Pay attention to these four things each day and you will be on your way to achieving a natural look.

Take Care of Your Skin for a Fresh and Natural Face

The next essential step for getting a fresh and natural look is to take care of your skin. I personally use the Dr. Weil Origins product line for sensitive skin which I have pictured from Amazon on the right. I do use this because I have Rosacea, but it makes my skin glow so I feel that many people could benefit from this line.

No matter what you use, it is important to include these steps.

  • Cleansing. You need something to remove makeup, dirt, and other impurities.
  • Toner. After cleansing your skin, a good toner restores the PH balance of your skin.
  • Exfoliate. I either use a mask or mechanical scrub product to remove dead skin cells. I try to exfoliate at least twice a week.
  • Moisturize and protect. I do apply a calming serum underneath my moisturizer, but I consider using these two products to be part of the same step. Since this moisturizer doesn't contain sun protection, I make sure to use a foundation that has SPF of at least 15.

If you aren't sure of which products to use, are simply confused, or you have an underlying skin condition I would definitely visit with a dermatologist. Consulting with an expert can make a huge difference in your skin's health and bring you closer to achieving the look that you want.

Apply Natural Makeup

Light makeup is key to achieving a fresh and natural look.
Light makeup is key to achieving a fresh and natural look. | Source

Minimal Makeup - The Ultimate Secret to a Fresh and Natural Look

If you want to achieve a natural, fresh-faced look you shouldn't wear a lot of makeup at all. "Fresh" implies staying as close to being natural as possible. The goal is to find a makeup routine and colors that play up your best features without making you look overdone. Here are my recommendations:

  • Foundation or powder. All you need is enough foundation or powder to even out your skin tone. You may want to consult with a makeup specialist to help you match a color to your skin tone.
  • Bronzer or blusher. You absolutely don't need both products but you can use both if you want. The important thing is to select a shade that matches your complexion and highlights your skin tone and cheekbones.
  • Minimal eye makeup. All I would do is wear enough to bring out your eyes. You may only need mascara and/or a swipe of eyeliner. Experiment until you find the best routine for your eye shape.
  • Lip color. You want to find a shade that is as natural and light as possible while still accentuating your lips and bringing out your natural skin tone. For me, that tone is a deep red - which doesn't seem to look that dark on me.

If you need help selecting colors you can either experiment or consult with a makeup specialist at a makeup counter or you can hire a makeup artist or consultant to lead you in the right direction.

Natural makeup Tutorial

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Nicole Winter profile image

Nicole Winter 3 years ago from Chicago, IL

I love the video you added to this, it's absolutely amazing to watch the young lady doing her makeup, she's lovely. I like your tips on achieving a more natural look, any advice on the best shades of eyeliner to help achieve this look? Whenever I put mine on it seems like it darkens / shadows my eyes too much.

kohuether profile image

kohuether 3 years ago from New Hampshire Author

What is your complexion like? (Hair, eye color, skin?) What colors do you like to wear? I would love to help you find a good eye liner! Also, thanks for the feedback!

Nicole Winter profile image

Nicole Winter 3 years ago from Chicago, IL

I've medium toned skin, I'm Irish, German, English and Cherokee, so I'm a bit darker than many of my fair-skinned family members. My hair is an auburn color, which is color treated to a little lighter of a reddish brown. and I have very dark brown eyes. Thanks, kohuether, I appreciate you taking the time out to get back to me!

kohuether profile image

kohuether 3 years ago from New Hampshire Author

I would try a dark brown liner, then. You could also use black but run dark brown shadow over it with a liner brush. I suspect you are an "autumn" which is warm toned. Do colors like ivory, brown, green, and orange look really good on you?

Nicole Winter profile image

Nicole Winter 3 years ago from Chicago, IL

Orange and ivory don't, but green, brown and red, do. Thank-you, I found that the taupe shaded liner didn't do anything for me, (it didn't even look like I was wearing an eye-liner,) I'll definitely have to give the darker brown eyeliner a try. Do you personally have a preference when it comes to eyeliners: pencil, liquid, gel or eye shadow? Could I just use a dark matte brown eye shadow as "liner?"

kohuether profile image

kohuether 3 years ago from New Hampshire Author

I use eyeshadow as liner all the time! I've even been known to use a cotton swab to apply it. The thing is, it doesn't seem to last as long as liner. The most long lasting combo is pressed powder on the lids, liner, then shadow over it. My fave liner, btw, is the clinique swivel up style...

Nicole Winter profile image

Nicole Winter 3 years ago from Chicago, IL

Thanks, kohuether, I'll have to give the Clinique swivel up style liner a look, I do like a lot of the products Clinique makes, good quality!

kohuether profile image

kohuether 3 years ago from New Hampshire Author

Clinique eyeliner is my favorite - I love the way it glides on and it stays put, too. I am also a huge fan of clinique foundations. You're welcome. :-) Let me know how it works out!

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