How to Look Like Cheryl Cole

The Basics to Achieving Cheryl Cole's Look

Cheryl Cole (nee Tweedy, wife of footballer Ashley Cole) has become a fashion icon and the process was hurried by the Girls Aloud singer’s appearance as a judge on the UK’s X Factor.  Her look definitely evolved over the weeks.  It got more glamorous and more dramatic and a lot more daring.

Cheryl Cole's Hair

Her hair was perhaps the key to the look and it certainly worked as her crowning glory.  Her look was achieved (by the best stylists and the best materials available – obviously) with hundreds of single strand hair extensions and styled with large foam rollers.  The hair extensions colour was matched closely with her own colour but highlights were introduced of contrasting and blending colours and these were changed to compliment different outfits.  She sometimes wears a long-ponytail hair piece.

Cheryl Cole's Earrings and Jewellery

Another element of her look was and is Cheryl Cole’s earrings and necklaces.  She wore some that you might see on Pat Butcher in the UK’s soap Eastenders but on Cheryl these evoke a totally different look.  Cheryl prefers big earrings – they add drama and emphasis to her style and her conversation as they dangle and twirl.  Remember those disco ball earrings she wore on Jonathan Ross?  One of our friends bought two disco ball key rings from a pound shop for a pair in homage to the star – though we doubt Cheryl’s were cobbled together like this.  Cheryl would like the range produced by Vivienne Westwood - these can be bought online...

Cheryl Cole's 60s Retro Look

The Cheryl Cole silhouette is classical or late 60s but sometimes an amalgamation.  She had reasonable legs so these are rarely a central feature.  Instead Cheryl makes more of her back and shoulders with gowns cut to expose shape and bone structure.  To this – in addition to the big globes, cubes and chandelier style earrings – she adds chunky necklaces and massive and ostentatious rings.  Cheryl loves her bling.

In her homage to the Emma Peel look, you’ll see Cheryl sporting thick Alice Bands or red or black, holding down a Buffon of shiny black, gleaming locks – supplemented of course with heaps of single strand hair extensions…

Cheryl Cole's Cosmetics

Cheryl wears either a real or very expensive fake tan.  She uses tones of brown and gold blushers to highlight her cheeks and brown eye shadow.  She uses eyeliner on her top lid which is continued (cat like) out from the eye.  She wears layer upon layer of mascara or long black fake eyelashes.

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katty koolo 6 years ago

yea i kinda like it because you have split it up into sections rather than a whole messy chunk of writing so you know that right this is what i ned for the hair and this is what i need for the jewlerry.....

Katie 6 years ago

Cheryl cole is great, but who wants to copy her?

Munn  5 years ago

i wouldd... shes soooo amazingggggg

the dick head tht want to be cheryl cole 5 years ago

u got a problem fam nd wat bruv wag1

JLS Tickets 5 years ago

Cheryl is absolutely gorgeous!

She was always the hottest one of girls aloud in the beginning. Then she glammed up and went off the radar!

Mel 4 years ago

To me Cheryl is the most beautiful woman alive :)

i would copy her but i would still be myself..

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