How to Maintain A Healthy Rebonded Hair

beautiful healthy rebonded hair
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Taking Care of Rebonded Hair

Have any of you tried hair rebonding? It's a chemical procedure that takes your unruly wavy or curly hair and turns it sleek and straight.

I tried it myself a couple of months ago. At first I was hesitant to do it because it takes six to eight hours depend on the hair type. Most coarse or fuzzy hair will take at least eight hours to get the desired result. But, my hair stylist recommended it and I figured why not. So in case you're thinking about doing it, here's my advice for how to take care of your hair for the first few days after the procedure.

  1. Don't shampoo for at least three days. Leaving your hair unwashed helps the medicine penetrate your hair and scalp. Fair warning: it does get pretty itchy, but it's worth the sacrifice.
  2. Avoid hair accessories. Make sure after the trip to salon that you don't tie your hair in a bun or ponytail as doing so will leave a permanent mark on it. Also avoid using headbands.
  3. Don't brush too much. Doing so will dry-out and scratch your scalp, which can be unpleasant and even painful. Also, excess brushing could break the newly established bonds keeping your hair straight. Newly rebonded hair is very sensitive. Use non-static haircomb. LIke those made in wood.

Proper Care for Rebonded Hair

After the first few days, your hair will be much easier to manage, but there's still some basic maintenance you'll need to continue. You'll definitely need to find a good conditioner to maintain the hair's silky, soft texture. I used and would definitely recommend Creamsilk conditioner, which left my hair silky and smooth and smelling great.

  1. After applying the conditioner, comb your hair with a wide tooth comb to prevent tangling. Leave the conditioner in for at least three minutes then rinse thoroughly. If you don't rinse thoroughly, you may get dandruff.

2. Towel-dry hair. A hairdryer will save you time, but you need to make sure you don't overuse it because it will dry your hair out. Then you're done!

Though it takes a lot of time to clean and groom the hair, I can tell you from my own experience that it's all worth it in the end.

Proper Care of Rebonded Hair: More Tips

  • After the first few days, you'll want to shampoo your hair two to three times a week.
  • Try to avoid exposing your hair to the sun too much, especially after you've just washed it!
  • Once a week use a bottled hairspa treatment. The treatment is just like a conditioner, but you only use it once a week. It's easy to use: just leave it in for 15-30 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. It'll leave your hair feeling super soft after the wash.

Now enjoy your rebonded hair!

How to Take Care of Your Newly Rebonded Hair

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charmine 5 years ago

2times na ako nagpareb0nd..dry pa dn!!! d q kc alam mga ggwn....tnx p0

Ana 4 years ago

Very helpful article...

Hi Charmine! What kind of rebond ba you availed? Ako kasi I had the same problem because aside from rebonding I also have to color my hair, I have white hairs. =( What I'm doing is I use Dove Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask Treatment. Try that and go to parlor once a month for semi-delino. It's good.

Sus 4 years ago

Tnx 4 this information.. I just rebonded todae..!

nikki 4 years ago

what is right before or after rebonding to do hair dye?

Chay 4 years ago

you can dye your hair a month after rebonding

Geli 4 years ago

When your hair undergo rebonding, you must be sensitive enough to take care of it and maintain its glow.. Depende kasi sa stylist na nagrebond sau ung result ng rebond. Dapat kasi sakto lang ung pagkaluto sa buhok (ung unang cream na nilagay sa hair mo). wag din nagpaparebond every 6 months, at least dapat makapag rest ang hair natin sa chemicals for 1 yr to 1 1/2 yr para mapanitiling strong ito. Kung dry ung hair mo, it is best to use keratine and you have to visit a salon to do it for you.. Avoid muna dapat ng hair mo ung mga matatapang na chemicals na nakakasira ng hair mo. merun kasing mga sensitive hair and maybe yours is sensitive kaya nag dry sya.. Then always use a lot of conditioner and wash it thoroughly. Wag masyadong mag shampoo kasi matapang un sa hair.. then hair spa will do or hot oil every month pra bumalik ung glow ng hair mo..

lhyn 4 years ago hair was rebonded last xmas and its my 2nd time,kaso,mas gusto ko ung pagkakarebond ng hair ko last dec.2011 kasi my soft,shiny ang straight ung hair ko unlike now,ang dry ng hair ko at hndi pa straight...wat should i do pra gumanda ult hair ko,bka panget ung gmot n gnamit nung ngrebond sakin s saloon n pnuntahan ko,with free hair cellophane pa and i paid 1200....

fazi 4 years ago

Hi..friends...! I have a big problem about this hair reborning... Anyone can slove my problem.....??

mavie 3 years ago

hello. i rebonded my hair, and its been a moth. i noticed na parang d na sya kasing straight like nung una, mukang nde ko po naagapan kse maiksi lang po yung buhok ko at sumasayad sa balikat kaya may mga nagform na curves and fly aways. ano po kayang magandang gawin para bumalik sa dati. thank you so much po :)

kaye 3 years ago

helow po nagpableach po aq ng hair after 3 months po aq nagparebond ang ngyare po nagpupuyolpuyol po xa prang rubber anu po dpat kong gawin?

kaye 3 years ago

nagpuputolputol po

love 3 years ago

i got my hair rebonded last month tapos ang buhok q ngayon d na priho nung una sobrang straight,.ngayon may mga curve na sa dulo ano bang dapat gawin d2? thanks :0

sha:) 3 years ago

hello 2nd time na kong nagparebond kaso hindi siya totally straight atsaka nagkahairfall ako :( any advice po ? ano pong magandang gawin o kaya hair treatment ? thanks po in advance sa mga sasagot

Mistiko 3 years ago

Pabunot mo

claris 3 years ago

tnx for this information

khushi 3 years ago

Hi im khushi from delhi I hv rebond my hairs 8 months ago but now Im facing hair fall dandruf and itching problem pls tell me wt should I do.

khushi 3 years ago

Hi im khushi from delhi I hv rebond my hairs 8 months ago but now Im facing hair fall dandruf and itching problem pls tell me wt should I do.

Danah 3 years ago

Based on my own experience. I rebonded my hair 3x already. Every after 1 1/2 months, i go back to my "suking" salon to rebond my hair. Using home made avocado hair mask is my saviour!! I use it atleast 2x a month. It will make you hair shinny and strong. Hair fall and dry hair are the common probs after hair rebond so try it.

1. Half of avocado (you can use whole if you have thick and long hair)

2. 1 to 2 tbps of olive oil

3. 1 pc of whole egg

Mix them in a blender or bowl. Leave them for atleast 30 mins and put a shower cap. Rinse them with lukewarm water then cold water. :) hope it helps. :)

Darah 3 years ago

Correction: 1 1/2 year :)

Maris 3 years ago

pwd pu bang mag parebond khet may kulay ung buhok help me to know naman thanks for your advice

erly 3 years ago

Hi I can ask, I rebonded my hair, and then after 2days my hair back to normal, i'm shock why after rebonded my hair very good, and straight, why after 2days my hair no good, i'm worried really, my hair now its already broken, so what can I do, I want to rebond again, even 3mos for now.pls help me,,

nelyoj 3 years ago

Ask lng po ako its okay po bah pag ang shampoo at conditioner moh is tresemme thermal recorevy?oaky lg po bah sah rebonded hair koh?

kaye 3 years ago

read all of the comments. no response. so why bother ask in this blog if no one's answering your questions?

fiveup profile image

fiveup 3 years ago Author

hi!kaye... i'm really sorry if i wasn't able to reply all the comments above. I wasn't been active here for so long.

fiveup profile image

fiveup 3 years ago Author

the problem with rebonded hair is kailangan talaga ng extra effort sa pag aalaga at pag maintain.. mas maganda rin if you will continue going to the the saloon where you rebonded your hair. Mas makakatipid ka if you will buy a hairspa treatment like in hbc. Para din di sya mag dry try mong wag basain hair mo 2-3days after mong mag hair spa. try mo din mag shampoo ng palmolive yun kasi may shampoo and conditioner na rin.

I hope this tips would help.

fiveup profile image

fiveup 3 years ago Author


I haven't try tresemme yet. But I think rebonded hair would really nice if you'll use pantene or creamsilk.

fiveup profile image

fiveup 3 years ago Author

hi!erly... don't try to rebond your hair again. wait atleast 6months.

Probably, the treatment that beeb used to your hair didn't penetrate well. did u have atleast 6hrs. of rebonding in saloon? if u have a virgin hair it would take atleast 8hrs.

fiveup profile image

fiveup 3 years ago Author

Hi!maris..wait atleast 6months before you the get yor hair rebonded. It's because there's still some medicine from the colored treated hair.

fiveup profile image

fiveup 3 years ago Author

hi!khhushi... those were the common problems with rebonded hair. you have to rinse your hair well after conditioning your hair. at night, use virgin coconut oil or olive oil to your scalp so it would moisturize your hair. and try not to wet your hair in 2-3days after you wash it.

fiveup profile image

fiveup 3 years ago Author

hi!sha... lessen mo lang mag suklay ng buhok lalo na pag basa pa ito. wait atleast your hair got 85% dry to comb it. You can buy hair treatment at hbc like hairspa treatment, minsan kasi hiyangan din ang pag gamit nito.

fiveup profile image

fiveup 3 years ago Author


continue using hair treatment every week. then use flat iron or hair blower once a month. You can also use vitress hair cuticle coat after you wash your hair. it'll make yor hair softer.

fiveup profile image

fiveup 3 years ago Author

hi!kaye... before you rebond your hair, yung mismong sa parlor ang mag aadvice sayo na di pwedeng mag pa rebond ang buhok pag ma kulay. atleast 6mons. muna bago parebond. sometimes maganda talaga sa mas kilalang parlor tayo mag paayos. atleast sigurado tayo sa gamot na gagamitin.

fiveup profile image

fiveup 3 years ago Author


fiveup profile image

fiveup 3 years ago Author

hi!charmine.... try to use virgin coconut oil or olive oil at night. massage hair and scalp. Leave it over night. Kinabukasan wash your hair and put hair conditioner. Then don't wet your hair for 2-3 days.

fiveup profile image

fiveup 3 years ago Author

hi!mavie. mas magandang mag parebond ng hair kapag mahaba talaga lampas balikat para iwas tikwas.

fiveup profile image

fiveup 3 years ago Author

thank you! Sus...

ystal 3 years ago

Hi! kakaparebond ko lang po kase nung dec 16. dec 24 na po ngaun. may binigay po yung salon sakin na conditioner pero feeling ko nasisira yung buhok ko dahil dun. pero nagshashampoo din po ako. ano po kelangan ko gawin? thanks po

fiveup profile image

fiveup 3 years ago Author

hi!ystal... hiyangan din kasi products kahit organic man sya. if u think it doesn't make any improvement better switch pero try mo muna yung sa sachets para makatipid. treated hair needs products that contains moisturizer. less use of shampoo coz it dries up hair.

i hope this one will help :)

joan 3 years ago

hi po.kakarebond q lang po nung sunday.peru after 2days parang nag curly na yung dulo im scared tuloy pag e shower qna baka babalik na sya sa pagka curly.

Hnd qpo alam anu ggwin q.

Please help me.

Chichay 3 years ago

After 3 days of not taking a bath, can I shampoo my hair? Then conditioner of course. Kasi, 3 days kang di naligo and you're not shampooing your hair, di ba parang, uncomfortable naman.

Louiege 3 years ago

.hi I'm louiege

"I got my rebonding treatment few days ago and it was my first time . My Can I use an egg mask after 3days? And do I need to put some oil on it ? Will it not be harsh my hair? Bcus I think oil are hot on hair

Jade 3 years ago

Hi. Is is okay to color my hair 3 weeks after having a rebond treatment?

Roselle 3 years ago

Hi ask ko lang po kung maganda ba yung pag gamit ng suave shampoo and conditioner sa newly rebonded hair?

elisa 3 years ago

10 months na pong rebonded ang hair ko, medyo dry na sya dahil humaba na sya, okay lang po ba kung magppatrim ako? hindi po ba yun kukulot ? magpapahair spa na dn ako

lhen 3 years ago

hello po!

nagparebond po ako 2 weeks ago.after washing, nung una po smooth and silky pa ang hair ko pero after two weeks, ang tip saka yung hair behind my ears ay nagdadry na. posible po sigurong imbalance ang pagkalagay ng medicine or hindi ko lang talaga naalagaan.

ano po ang pwde kong gawin para bumalik ang moisture ng hair ko?nakakaasiwa po kasi everytime suklayin ko ang buhok ko gamit ang daliri ko, nararamdaman ko yung kagaspangan sa dulo nito.

becca 3 years ago

Pwede po bang magpakulay pag ka tapos mag parebond ng 1 month

Tet 3 years ago

It's over a month since I got rebond is it ok to do touch up and is it ok to put my hair up ones in a while?

jane 3 years ago

Hi.. ive hot my hair rebonded last dec. Magaling ung nag rebond ng hair q sabi niya hindi daw pwedi maligo pag hindi pa lumalabas yong natural oil sa buhok ko.. so i did wat he told me and hanggang ngayon straight and oily parin yong hair q.. mga twice lang aq nag sha.shampoo dn most of the days conditioner gamit q.(dove na gold).. pro minsan hindi q type yong oily hair kasi parang basa lageh yong buhok q.. pro nyc talaga yong pagkaka rebond sakin.. i think it always depend sa nag rebond sayo at yong pag alaga mo sa buhok mo after rebonded.. ;-)

erica 3 years ago

Nag pa rebond po ako last tym, pro after 3 days, nligo na po ako. Then parang bumalik lang yung buhok ko sa dati.. dry sya at parang ang bigat sa pakiramdam. Ano po bang gagawin ko?? Help me!!!!

candy 3 years ago

I rebond my hair last month but ...nw turn into curls slowly...i hve found some curles in my hair ..what to do I usally take care of it ....what to do for maintain my straight hair ...and remove the curls

mj 3 years ago

Hello po, pano mapeprevent na kumulot ung mga tumutubong buhok on the scalp.i got rebonded 1 month ago and i think tumutubo na ung dati kong buhok. Kulot ung tumutubo. Pano kaya mapeprevent un?

fiveup profile image

fiveup 3 years ago Author

hi!mj... ganun talaga pag nag pa rebond usually ang buhok na di natural ang pag ka straight. sad but true. no matter what i tried i still end up in salon para mapa maintain ang hair kong straight. just try not to brush ur hair too much. use non static like yung wooden comb.

fiveup profile image

fiveup 3 years ago Author

go to ur salon kung saan ka nag pa rebond or pwede kang mag apply ng hair streatment like hair spa. then try mong i hot iron pero wag mo uli basain.

fiveup profile image

fiveup 3 years ago Author

hi! jane.. u'r right sa nag rrebond din kung anong gamot at kung tama ang oras na pag apply. tska sympre sabayin din ng tamang alaga. :)

fiveup profile image

fiveup 3 years ago Author

hi! better not to put ur hair up or tie it down. it will create a crease on it.

fiveup profile image

fiveup 3 years ago Author

hi!becca... do not pt any hair color yet.. it's either maluto sa gamot ang buhok mo or di sya tatalab.. atleast 3-6mons.

fiveup profile image

fiveup 3 years ago Author

hi!joan... just wet ur hair pero much better not to use shampoo. if the curls get worst go back to ur hair salon. para malagyan din ng treatment

fiveup profile image

fiveup 3 years ago Author

hi!louiege... yes! oil is hot on hair.. just use hair conditioner or hair treatment. i haven't to use egg though i know it's protein.. and protein is good for the hair.

menji 2 years ago

Helo po after rebonding po ng hair ko pansin ko na nagiging dry.po siya at nagkakasplit ends po ako nagpatrim na ko.para mawala yung split ends pero pag lipas ng week split ends nanaman ano ho ba dapat ko gawin? Or gamitin para mawala yung split end? Salamat po

michelle 2 years ago

Hi.semi-hair color my hair ...It is my first time to hair color my hair and it was ridiculous.It been a month since then. Can I rebond it now?

JOEBEL 2 years ago

Hi. It's my 4th time na po and it's good kahit di maiiwasan ang dry na dulo. I'll trim it on the next month. I'm just wondering kung anong shampoo and conditioner is best for my newly rebonded hair? Thanks much :)

yasi 2 years ago

Girls.. i would advice for those who plans or wishes to undergo hair rebonding... please just go to a reputable hair salon.. yeah many cheap salons are offering hair rebonding that is way too cheaper than the reputable ones but you can never imagine the amazing results if you went to the good ones.. hair chemicals that are used will depend upon your hair type hair strength and hair conditon..they cant just rebond you if you're suffering from dry unhealthy and if you're with hairfall.. i just had my rebond in a reputable salon and spent more than 4000 but so much happy with the soft lively sleek straight hair.. dont hesitate to invest as long as it guarantees satisfaction:)

Anya 2 years ago

One week or two weeks po ba after ng semi rebond or hair spa, pwede nang magpa hair color? Thank you. :)

bebebons 2 years ago

Hi, I just wanted to ask if I can have my hair rebonded, two weeks after I had it dyed. Thanks.

yang castro 2 years ago

Hi po, I was worried coz 5 days ng rebond ang buhok ko , naligo ako tapos nung tuyo na ang buhok napansin kong bumanalik siya sa dati kong hair yong dry tapas curly2 eh gumamit naman ako ng hair serum everyday and conditioner. Please any advice . THANKS :( :))

rose 2 years ago

Hello po. Itatanong ko lang po sana kung pwede po magkulay ng hair 3days before magparebond? Pero sa dulo lang po ang kukulayan, itim po! Please reply po. Need to know! THANKS

paul 2 years ago

Lalaki po ako, nag regret po ako na nag pa rebond ako ng.buhok kasi ang flat,, pag ndi po ba ako nag conditioner, babalik ba sa kulot buhok ko? Gus2 ko kasing kumulot agad buhok ko..

profile image

anne86 2 years ago

Hello po,ngparebond ako last march 5 but after 3days bumabalik na sya sa dati my hair looks dry,can i use keratin hot oil cream? 1month na po hair ko ngayun

kate galorio 2 years ago

Good day po. Pwede bang i hot oil yung buhok ko? Para kasing bumabalik yung hair ko sa dati. 1month ago palang akong nagpa rebond please help me and give more advice.

Kathryn 2 years ago

Maganda po yung pagkarebond nung akin, depende po yun sa stylist and sa gamot at syempre sa pagaalaga. After the treatment, wag babasain yung hair for 3 days, yes oily talaga siya pero worth it naman. Then, dapat alternate yung pagshashampoo or 3-4 times a week lang para di ma wash away yung natural oils. Laging gumamit ng conditioner. I use Palmolive Shampoo and Creamsilk conditioner, yung pink. Satisfied ako sa results. :)

Htenad 2 years ago

Pwede po bang mag parebond pagkatapos mong gumamit ng black shampoo para matanggal ang kulay ng buhok

Bhavika 2 years ago

I had,done rebonging of walle bt my hair r litter bit turn n I m,having hair fall too n they have to me nt to oil till 3m so pls,help wat I shuld do

angela 2 years ago

hi po

Abby 2 years ago

I got my hair rebonded three days ago, due to very bad smell, i washed it already today (even if it is supposed to be washed tomorrow).. but after washing it, the smell became really bad, as in parang nsusunog na plastic or worst naimbak na maduming water.. even my officemates noticed it.. i washed it three times but still the smell is there specially when it is wet. What should I do? May nagkaroon na din ba ng same experience? I would really appreciate some help..

April 2 years ago

hello po, which is better; to alternately wet your hair with conditioner or to everyday wet it with conditioner?

Vanessa 2 years ago

I've recently loss a lot of my hair and I'm planning to rebond my hair tomorrow. Should I or should I not? I'm 15 years old and I need an answer as soon as possible. Thanks.

Lirpa 2 years ago

Hi. Four times na ko nagpa-rebond pero yearly ang ginagawa ko. Minsan sobrang lakas manlagas ng buhok ko minsan naman hindi mashado. I just wanna know kung ok pa yung hair ko pag ganun ? And ask na din ako ng shampoo na mabilis magpahaba ng hair. Thankyou

Keara 2 years ago

What is the best treatment for dry hair , hair fall or what you called damaged hair ?

Ella 2 years ago

Hi, tanong ko Lang kung pede magpaHot oil every month pagkatapos mong magpaRebond, un kc sv sakin ng friend ko para daw d masira buhok ko,,

Gellyd 2 years ago

Hello there everyone, i have some advices which can help to our hair problems, my korean friend shared tips and advice how to have good and healthy hair. We all know korean hair has good hair types right. Tony and Jackey Salon also known as Bangs T&J offers a good quality of products which suites best for all girls. They will first inspect your hair if it is okay for you to have rebonded and they will give advice if it is okay to do the rebond or not. After that, they will give advices what they will do to your hair problems. I had the Volume Rebond in T and J and it cost 6 thousand but its all worth it. After rebonding my hair. I use the Loreal EverSleek which contains Sulfate-Free-Paraben Free and Silicone Free- It cost around 300+ each . I think. I bought it somewhere in the market. Then i always blow dry in the electricfan my hair never comb rather i use my hands. Also dont ever use the plastic comb because it will just form static in your hair which can lead to breakage and Frizzy-tangled hair. Also, always apply hair serum. Vitress can do, you can buy it in watson. Hope it can help!

ccamille 2 years ago

hhi. Kakarebond ko lng last may

2 . Pero

Ngyun bumalik na sa dati yung hair ko then na dry na .What should i do

Help me please

renelyn 2 years ago

hi po, nagpa rebond na po ko dati pero napansin ko po na parang kumukulot ulit siya at bumabalik sa dati, nag pa rebond po ko ulit, 5 days ko po di niliguan, tapos nung naligo po ako after 5 days bumabalik po yung pagkakulot nya, ano po bang ways para di bumalik hair ko sa dati.

profile image

Maegun 2 years ago

Hi! I had my 4th re-bond 2 weeks ago. And I must say, satisfied ako sa result :) before, sobrang wavy at dry ng buhok ko. Nabugbog kasi sa chemicals (relax, hair dyes, rebond) lahat yan napagdaanan ng hair ko. Hehehe. Actually, di na natanggal yung hair color ko, I had my 5th color 2 months before ako magpa-re-bond, at mas lalong lumitaw yung kulay ng buhok ko! Nasa tamang pag-aalaga lang yan mga sis ;) as for me, I didn't wait for "2-3days", naligo agad ako kinabukasan, & this salon gave me this daily treatment, so ayun nitry ko sya. At ok sya ha! Until now, ganun parin yung buhok ko, kasi dati, bumabalik sa pagiging wavy at dry after how many days e. I'm using "Emultex Chill" treatment for my hair. After ko maligo, hindi ko muna s'ya sinusuklay ksi mas nagffrizz pag ganun. Inaantay ko munang matuyo bago ko suklayin. :) Hope this one helps! Happy re-bonding! :D

arah 2 years ago

hi. pwede po ba na mg pa hot oil muna then rebond after 1 day ng hot oil . and kya po ba ng rebonding pg maiksi ang buhok like naka geometric hair cut ? buhaghag po ung hair ko gs2 ko po . tnx

Erica 2 years ago

ask q lang po, nagparebond ako tas after 3 days nung naligo ako, hindi siya bumalik sa dati, may part na naging kulot, pero konti lang naman. mostly straight pa rin. my main question is kung pwd ko pa ba ulit iparebond?

Erica 2 years ago

what I mean is pagkatapos ko maligo ng hair after 3 days, may mga parts ng hair ko na bumalik sa dati pero konti lng nman, mostly straight pa rin. ask q lang kung pwd ko ba ulit iparebond?

joy 2 years ago

Helo poh,ask q lng.ngparebond kz aq nung Tuesday.and sa Saturdy babanlawan ko na sana.ggmit ba aq ng shampoo nun or conditioner muna.?

aubrey 2 years ago

hi! nag pa rebond ako yesterday then i woke up snuklay ko ung hair ko, i notice n ung dulo bandang batok kumulot or parang nag dry prang s walis, i dnt know what kind of treatment ggamitin ko, sumunod nmn ako s advises un nga lng mejo pnag pawisan ko, akmi lng po ng tita ko nag rebond ng hair ko, we use a matrix straighting hair mganda nmn sya kasi shiny and soft unlike we used before, pleasa help me, im ver disappointed

minmin 2 years ago

1 month n po itong hair ko tpos yung ibang side po parang bumabalik n sa pagkacurly,what should i do po b para hndi n magcurl ulit?

sam 2 years ago

Hi! my hair was rebonded for almost 2years and di ko na po pina rebond ulit.Ngaun napansin ko parang dumami yung dundruff at falling hair ko...and a lot of baby hair. Looking forward for your advice thanks :)

casi 2 years ago

Hi! my hair was rebonded for almost 2years and di ko na po pina rebond ulit.Ngaun napansin ko parang dumami yung dundruff at falling hair ko...and a lot of baby hair. Looking forward for your advice thanks :)

ailene 2 years ago

uhhm may alam ba kayong way para humaba agad yung rebonded hair w/o using any chemicals na makakasira sa buhok? my mom cut it very short and nakaka disappoint ang kinalabasan so please help me

angelica ochoa 2 years ago

Pwede po bang pagsamahin ang rebond at hot oil?

kaidey 2 years ago

angelica: yes your rebonded hair will be more healthier using hot oil po basta wag lang need ng steam, kc rebond ko hair every year for 10 yrs now simula ng mauso sya and what im doing to prevent it from drying is treating it every 2 weeks, hair spa and hot oil sachets which can be bought at Watsons. price range Php 16 to 20... Used it as conditioner leaving it on my hair for 30 mins usually on my (rest day) while doing stuffs then rinse it afterwards...Trim every 3 to 4 mos because that would be the time that our hair, when damaged show the split ends and u wouldn't na lumalim pa sya at mas mahirap itreat na... then if i feel like my hair is dry i will henna wax, im using shine moist henna wax (salon using it as cellophane)

Hi po ano po bang magandang brand n gamot pang rebond? 2 years ago

Hi po ano po bang magandang brand n pang rebond

park min soo 2 years ago

hi. i just rebonded my hair last month but the tips ofmy hair begun to dry and have a split ends . idont know if my conditioner causes it .. (dove conditioner) what is the best way todo . help me pls :'(

carla 2 years ago

hello.. nung july22 po nagparebond ako pero para po xang nasunog kase po my kulay po dati ung hair ko mga 1month plang cguro ndi pla pede un.. ngaun ilang araw na dko pa xa nababasa pero tingin ko khit dpa xa nababasa antigas na po nia at parang sunog ano po bang dapat kong gawin na treatment?? plz. help me!

inday 2 years ago

Naglalagas kasi buhok ko. Ano ba dapit gawin... May gamot ba?

Angie 2 years ago

Hi I have a slight fold after rebonding..can it be removed..

ren 2 years ago

Hi. I just want to ask is it ok to have hair color kht na 1 mnth rebond plng? Thank you ..

gee 2 years ago

hai i jaz want to ask if kung ano treatment and dapat bago magpakulay ng buhok,i got my hair rebonding last june 2014 eh gustoko magpakulay,,,di po ba masisira hair dun,####

aiza chico 2 years ago

ask ko lang pwede na ba ako gumamit ng headband 2 months na yung rebond ko /..

veenu 2 years ago


I rebonded my hair 1 year ago but after rebonding i got white hair and too much hair fall. What can i do should i go for rebonding again or nt.

cathyy 2 years ago

hi ask ko lang its okay ba if i apply a hair color after a week ago na nag parebond ako?

Sandra 2 years ago

hi po paano po ba nung pagligo ko po bigla nlang nasira ang buhok ko at marami na pong split ends at hindi na po siya shiny paano po bang panatilihin ang buhok mo na shiny

shaira 24 months ago

hi po paano po yun nagparebond ako ng hapon at tuesday ng umaga ako nag banlaw at conditioner lng ginamit k yung ang sbe ng nagrebond saken sa salon,nung na2yo na ang buhok k naging wavy sya konti at nbwasang yung shiny panu po yun...??anu kayang magagawawk para mblik??

Rose Marie 23 months ago

Ano po yung best na inererecommend nyo na conditioner and shampoo? And when can I use shampoo po? Kasi sabi mo wag masyadong gamitin to..

ankita 23 months ago

I took hair therapy and my hair are in a worst condition nw I guess they were bettr before I am really shocked to see them

Charlotte 22 months ago

Ano po The best na conditioner ? Creamsilk o Syoss po?

Micashe 21 months ago

Panu po ba ma-prevent ang fly-aways kasi hanggang balikat yung hair ko tapos may fly aways kasi sumasayad sa balikat ko hair ko.

lablab 21 months ago

Hi po, mas mabuti po ba gumamit ng keratin hot oil treatment para sa mga rebonded hair, tsaka dry po kasi hair ko, tsaka pwede po bang every day po gagamitin ang keratin hot oil treatment sa hair rebonded na buhok??

danishkamae 20 months ago

what shampoo is best for rebonded hair ?

lea 18 months ago

eeight months na and starting to kulot at my roots.nagmamarka na.. anung. Gagawn ko

ken 18 months ago

Hi nag prebond ako nung aug 26 . Now sept 1 na pde ko na ba sya ishampoo ?

aids78 15 months ago

hi po nagparebond po ako march 2015 tapos naglagas sya hanggang ngayon tapos nagpakulay ako at treament lang sana nov.21 kaso lang yung gumawa sa buhok ni rebond nya ulit sinabi nya sa akin irebond ko ang hair mo kaso lang na apply nya na ang gamot para sa rebond ayaw ko sna kaso lang na apply nya tpos kinabukasan dry na ang buhok ko at sunog na ang dulo ano po ba ang gamot dito stress na talaga ako sa buhok tpos hindi ko mahanap yung gumawa sa buhok ko reply pls.tpos yung plantsa nya sa buhok ko hindi nya natapos kc gabi sabi kinabukasan nya gawi hindi cya pumunta .

chin 13 months ago

Just ask lang po...ahm..mga last December lang po ako nkapag pa rebond ng hair and second time ko nPo yun...

What would I do to avoid frizzy hair in just simple and easy way??

D naDin super straight ,parang ngging curly hair na ulit eh

Azineth 7 months ago

Can i use blakening shampoo? Rebonded Po ako. I need a reply. Please.

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