How to Make Mohawk Out of Long Hair


Mohawk is a type of hair style that has been popular among teens. Making a Mohawk out of long hair can be a challenging work however possible. There a lot of types of Mohawk, the most common thing amongst these several type is that it forms a fin like shape in the middle of the head starting from the hair line in the forehead area up to the back of the neck. Here’s how to do it.


Hair glue

Hair Pomade

Hair spray


Hair dryer

Steps in turning your long hair into a Mohawk:

1. Decide on which Mohawk style you want to make. There are different varieties so better research on that and decide.

2. Once you have reached into a conclusion, gather all the needed materials.

3. The night before you want to have that Mohawk look, make sure to wash your hair. It is better to style a hair that has been washed 12 hours prior to styling because the natural oil that has been produced in the skull tends to calm stray hair which can help in the molding process. Freshly washed hair tends to be lighter and frizzier.

4. Comb your hair to even out and untangle all the tangled hairs. This will make the work easier once you start with the next procedure. Make sure to use a fine toothed comb.

5. Get your hair glue and apply this unto your hair. Make sure to cover every inch of your hair. Do this by turning your hair upside down and apply.

6. After the application let us proceed with the shaping of the Mohawk. You can do this by starting at the temple area. Place both palms on the temple area. Slowly move your both palms going up unto the tip of your hair. Both palms must meet in the center of the head forming a fin like shape. The fin like shape must be positioned at the center area of the head. Do this repeatedly for how many minutes until the fin like shape is formed perfectly. When your hair is not sticking together, it means that the hair glue you’ve applied is not sufficient so add a little more. Do this step up to the back of your head.

7. For the shorter hair at the sides of your fin like shaped hair, tidy it up with the use of a pomade or hair glue.

8. Wrap up the whole look with a good amount of hairspray. Cover every inch of your hair with the hair spray to fully secure the look.

9. Get your blower and turn your head upside down. In this position, blow dry your hair. This is the most essential step to fully dry up and secure all the hair in place. This must be done because this will prevent the hair from flopping down because of the heavy weight of the hair. You must see to it that you will only stop this process once every inch of the hair is dry and steady in place.

How To Make A Mohawk

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sacredlilac profile image

sacredlilac 5 years ago from Canada via England

I have always wondered how mohawked hair didn't flop over. Very cool! Thanks for sharing. :)

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Stoneage2010 5 years ago Author

you're welcome! Thank you too

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