How to Make Your Sunless Tan Last longer

Sun tan
Sun tan

Making Your Sunless Tan Last

First and foremost, you should acquire an even tan in a gradual manner so that the skin does not peel. Once tanned, you should continue to behave reasonably in the sun and make sure that you moisturise your skin every day with an after-sun lotion.

The latter’s action can be reinforced by a nutritional supplement rich in hydrating and tan-prolonging ingredients.

Normally the spray tan will last for 10 to 14 days. Many people re-apply the application every week or so to keep the a dark consistent looking tan.

Some Hints About Maintaining Your Spray Tan:

  • Give the application 10 minutes of drying time before putting your clothes on
  • The DHA takes about 12 hours to reach its peak (maximum color). It is best to hold off on showering or swimming during this period.

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What you should do ?

People need to apply sunless tanning solutions that are well matched to their particular skin type. Studies suggest that sprays, lotions and gels work well on oily skin, whereas heavy lotions and creams suit dry skin. It is important to leave the tanner on for specified time periods. When applying, it is advisable to start with a limited area. This way, users can tell if a certain area feels too dry and ensures even application. A number of tanning parlors guarantee professional application that can last for an estimated time period.

Spray tans are known to last for at least three to five days and airbrush tans can last for up to ten days. It is difficult to make a tan last longer except if people choose to bathe often. This will not stall the process but can make it slow. A tan will effectively last till dead outer skin starts shedding because all applications react with amino acids present in this layer.

In the case of a natural tan, it is equally important to exfoliate the skin. Using wet morning sand can do this, as it is a natural exfoliating agent. Once a tan is acquired, it is important to apply moisturizer. This keeps the skin soft and supple, reflects a healthy tan, along with increasing longevity of a tan. Another effective method of making a tan last longer is to keep away from long hot baths and saunas. Reducing excess sweating through strenuous physical activities can also make a tan last longer.

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