How to Measure Chest Size

How to Measure Chest Size

Chest measurement is one of the most essential consideration when it comes to choosing a clothing like suit jacket, formal dresses, coats and fitting dress shirts. It is even more important for ladies when it comes to buying underwear.  The chest part of the body is  the most misunderstood body measurement. Some think that bust size and chest size is the same. That’s a totally common misconception. Bust and chest size are two different things. When you choose a clothing, use your chest measurement however if you are buying an undergarment make use of your bust size. Measuring one’s chest measurement is very easy. Here’s how to do it:


Tape measure

Full body mirror

  1. Take off all your clothing except the underwear you intend to wear under a new clothing. However, if your intention of measuring your chest size is for buying a new bra or lingerie, upper clothing and undergarments must removed completely. Older female with sagging breast needs to wear a thin underwear to obtain an accurate measurement.
  2. Get a hold of your tape measure. Then stand in front of a full body mirror. This will ensure the correct placement of the tape measure around your chest.
  3. Hold the tip of the tape measure which is marked zero with one hand. Then with your other hand, slowly wrap the other end of the measuring tape around the chest meeting the other end in front of your chest. If you can call someone to help you out, that would be great for easy adjustment of tape placement.
  4. Examine the placement of the tape measure. It must be positioned across the fullest area of your chest, preferably the tips of your nipples.
  5. Check also the position of the tape at your back. Turn around in front of the mirror. See to it that it is placed across your shoulder blades. The tape must run through the shoulder blades, then under your arms and across your chest. See to it that the tape measure smoothly runs around your body and there are no creases. Then look at the number where the other ends of the measuring tape lands. Use this number as your chest measurement.

Special Considerations:

  • When calculating for bra size, if your chest measurement is an even number, use it however if it is an odd number, add one. That would be your bra size.
  • You may measure your chest measurement at any time of the day, it will not matter.
  • It is really helpful if another person is available t help you in performing this procedure.
  • Don’t ever give on to the temptation of sucking in to attain a smaller measurement. You will just suffer in the end because your clothes will not fit well.

Knowing what your rignt chest measurement is will truly help you select the clothing that’s right for you. The clothing or underwear will not only fit you, it can further enhance your body shape and accentuates fully your curves and assets. So please do me a favor and know your own chest measurement. It is very easy and quick to do.

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