How to Pierce Your Navel (Bellybutton) at Home!


Redirect yourself here if you're looking to pierce yourself with a common household object.

There are a few things you need to do this and it's also important that you do this in a very clean area and also that you perform this task safely and carefully. Listen to your body.

You will need:
14g Hollow piercing needle
14g Starter jewelry
Rubbing Alcohol or Alcohol Pads
Cotton Balls (optional)
Cork (optional)
Cotton Swab
Forceps or a binder clip
Water based marker (Optional)
Ibuprophen (Optional)
Ice (Optional and not recommended)

Before you start anything beyond step one, wash your hands well with an antibacterial soap.
About an hour before you are planning to pierce yourself, take the suggested dose of Ibuprophen. Not only will this help prevent too much swelling but it will reduce some of the pain as well. Note: Ibuprophen is a blood thinner, so excess bleeding could occur. Do not use if you have problems with blood clotting and such. If you want to mark dots on your skin prior to your piercing, do this now. Mark a dot with your water-based marker above your belly button and then another one right beneath it inside of your belly button. These will be your guides.
2. Set up all of your supplies in a clean environment. Never place anything on a bare surface unless it has been sanitized thoroughly. Also never place the tools on a linen towel. Paper towels or tissues work best.
3. Sanitize your forceps, starter jewelry and cork with alcohol. Also clean around and inside your navel with a rubbing alcohol saturated cotton ball or pad.
4. Put on your gloves. Remove your needle from its sterile packaging and sanitize it.***
5. Clamp your belly button. If you have forceps, this will be fairly obvious. If you are using a binder clip, bend the metal clips back so that they're against each other. Then position your flap of skin between the two metal pieces. Position this exactly where you want your needle to go through. If you're using a cork, shove this into your belly button now.
6. This is the hardest part. Take a few deep breaths. Pick up your needle and hold your forceps still in their place. Place the sharp point of the needle on the place you want to enter (If you marked a dot, obviously place it on the dot). Take one big deep breath and begin pressing down. (You will feel a pinch) It will be hard at first but keep pushing with a moderate steady pressure. Once you feel the needle enter out of the other side, silently applaud yourself. The worst is over.
7. Now continue to push your needle through your flesh until it's almost out, place the side of the jewelry of which you removed to ball from into the hole or on top and slide this through with the needle. Sometimes the jewelry doesn't make it the FULL way but it is easy to push it through the rest of the way if you're still clamped. Once it's through, carefully screw the ball back on.
8. Dispose of all un-reusable items, this INCLUDES the needle unless you have an autoclave to properly sterilize it in..
9. Admire your new navel piercing! If it's a bit crooked, don't fret. It adds character. Follow up with a strict after care routine. Do two sea salt soaks a day, ten minutes each. Wash your piercing in the shower with plain antibacterial soap; dial or softsoap work fine. Do NOT rotate or move your piercing up and down. Regardless of what you see in videos or articles, this will prolong your healing time.


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Abby 5 years ago

What if u want to do this but your parents don't want u to?

mee(: 5 years ago

Im gonna do it..Just do it anywayss

Bailey 5 years ago

Well holy shit. I'm definitely nervous, haha. Before looking this up i had gotten about half way through from what my aunt (who pierces professionally) but i decided to look it up just to be safe.

lori-erin-wood profile image

lori-erin-wood 4 years ago from Alaska

First off. Piercing yourself at home comes with serious risks of infection, not to mention you could pierce it too deep, too shallow, or crooked. You should go to your local piercing shop and look into getting it done by a licensed professional.

Bell Martinez 4 years ago

Tehe I just did mine standing on the back of a truck at a rodeo and it didn't hert at all but I wana know can it get riped out by like bed sheets?

ali 4 years ago

what if you don't have any of those things.what if you did it with a saftey pin and then put the accesory in?

hiit 4 years ago

Great, thanks for sharing this awesome hub.Really thank you!

Ron from Fitness

Maddie 4 years ago

I just peirced mine with a safety pin ... It worked!!!

chloe 4 years ago

did mine with a sewing neadle, made it red hot first, then stabed it through, hurt a lot lol

Shi 4 years ago

Im going to be doing mine as soon as my kit comes excited and nervous, but I know I can do it!:)

Megan 3 years ago

I Wanna Do It . My Parents Said No . But Who Cares .

Paige 9 months ago

the first time i pierced mine i was only 12 and i didn't do it right and it ripped out like 2 weeks later and it got really infected with a sewing needle because the sewing needle is very thin and i think the smallest belly button ring is like 22 gage and it is still not as small as a sewing needle so i had a 14 gage belly button ring and did it with a sewing needle so i had to pretty much push the belly button ring threw and it hurt so bad i was shaking i have a scar know and im 13 about to be 14.but im going to do it again when i turn 14 with a kit from walmart!

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