How to Shave for Men

Wikimedia Commons | Jakemealue
Wikimedia Commons | Jakemealue

Shaving Choices Depend on Personal Preference

There's a whole world of shaving options out there for men. Which shavers work, and which don't? What about shaving cream - is foam better than gel? What's the best option for a stiff beard? Here's how men can decide upon the shaving system that works best for them.

Electric Shavers

The first electric razor was produced in 1937 by the Remington Rand Corporation. Since that time, electric shavers have come a long way. Men now have a variety electric razors to choose from including triple-head rotary shavers, wet/dry models, and cordless rechargeable shavers with triple floating heads. Some brands even sell stubby look razors, while others sell whole body shaving kits.

The choice of which electric shaver to buy is really up to the individual. Some prefer the ease of a wet/dry shaver, which allows the man the convenience of simply rinsing the stubble out of the razor rather than having to brush it out every time. Others prefer triple-floating head shavers, while still others would prefer the traditional two- or three-blade electric razor.

Manual Shavers

The traditional manual shaver has been around for a long time. In the old days, shaving consisted of a lathered brush and a straight razor. Today, we see a range of options in manual shavers including three, four, and even five blade models. Some prefer the convenience of disposable razors, which the person simply throws out when it becomes worn. Others enjoy the heavier feel and comfortably of a permanent razor, albeit it becomes more expensive over the long run due to higher prices for replacement heads.

Manual/Electric Shaver Combos

Some manual razors are battery powered to produce the added benefits of an electric shaver. Thus, the unit is lighter and can be easily cleaned under running water. However, the effectiveness of these razor types are debated – thus raising the question of whether they are really more effective than traditional all-manual models.

How to Choose the Right Shaving Cream

The choice in shaving cream is really between gel and foam. The foam types tend to be cheaper overall, and they are already lathered up out of the can. Some men prefer shaving gel because they feel it gives them a closer shave; however it comes out of the can as gel but lathers up when applied to the beard. So the two choices in shaving cream are really between price, convenience, and what some men consider a closer shave.

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