How to Style Easy Updos for Short to Medium Length Hair

Medium length hair is usually described as being from about jaw length to right above your shoulders. This is a good length because the hair can still be gathered into a ponytail, but it's not so long you have to brush through knots and tangles every night. It is sometimes challenging to find a good updo for medium to short length hair, but there are definitely some great options out there. In fact, I've found the best You Tube videos available to help the search for the perfect updo for medium length hair.  Also, see for more awesome updos!

Side Curls

 This is a very pretty style.  I love the curls and the side look.  It really does make her hair appear so much longer.  As always you can add a bunch of different cute accessories to this updo.

Super Simple for Shorter to Medium

This is almost too simple. The look would be easy to dress up even more by letting some loose strands fall up front and then curling them for some soft tendrils. I don't really like the hair accessory she chose. I think there are some much better options out there.

Updo for a Shorter Bob

This makes me want to cut my hair! I love this look. The video is a bit long, but the end result is gorgeous. To glam it up some more I would use sparkly bobby pins for the very back. You could also add a headband across the front. So sleek and cute!

Bump With a French Twist, Simple

 Here's anpther simple hair do.  I think this is more of an everyday updo.  Using a fancier clip would dress it up a little more.  I like the little knot underneath.

Using a Comb

I love combs. This is really fast and super easy. I would either flip up the bottom hair, or curl a row of corksrew curls across the back. Combs are also good for holding french twists.

Something More Formal

 These girls are young and not the best at talking to the camera.  I love this look though.  It's a lot more formal than the previous styles.  I think adding a broach or flower above the ear that the hair is curled over would be beautiful.

Love This!

This is absolutely beautiful. It makes her hair look longer and fuller. It's also really cute with the headband. For Prom or a wedding you can find headbands with some rhinestones or add pretty combs.  This is my favorite look for this length.

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MissE profile image

MissE 7 years ago from Texas Author

No problem. I love these styles!

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alensmith 6 years ago

hey nice article thanks for shairing those wonderfull tips more you can find at

MissE profile image

MissE 6 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks for the cool link!

Isabel 6 years ago

This looks interesting. The hair styles look chic and modern for me. :)

MissE profile image

MissE 6 years ago from Texas Author


Hair 6 years ago

thanks for the tips :)

To read some other tips for hair care and hairstyles, you can check

short hair cuts 6 years ago

What hair style do you like best?short hair cuts or long hairstyles?There are many different answers.Yes, my favourite hair style is haircuts,but my sister likes medium

hairstyles,and my friend likes prom hairstyles 2011.

KaItLyN 5 years ago

i cannot watch the videos!!!! they are not even showing up on my screen!!!! Ahhh!!! I REAAALLLY needed some new hairstyles!

MissE profile image

MissE 5 years ago from Texas Author

:( I wonder why? They show up on mine.

MissE profile image

MissE 5 years ago from Texas Author

I wear my hair med. - long. I prefer what ever looks best on that person.

Beck 5 years ago

Loved these styles! As a classical singer with short hair, these styles saved me on many an occasion!

Stacy 5 years ago

The last video shows up as "private" so you can't watch it :(

MissE profile image

MissE 5 years ago from Texas Author

I'm sorry! I'll work on that ASAP. I'm glad you were able to use my hub Beck!!! :)

olivia 4 years ago

it aint good

jess 4 years ago

these are so pretty make more?(:

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suhenob 2 years ago

Hi MissE, you are just amazing, all your hubs are indeep and very interesting..

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