How to Wear Short Formal Dresses with Style

No matter what your body shape or size you can find the perfect short dress with style.  Everything about the dress you choose should showcase what feature stands out on you.  After all, that is the point of purchasing the right dress.  You want to wear your short dress with fabulous style.  You must be willing to put some time into this expedition.  You want to be sure that the dress you find is not only perfect for the occasion, but also perfect for you.
Women with an athletic build should choose a dress with a spaghetti strap or square bust line.  This style enhances your sleek, sexy athletic build.  A pear shaped woman is advised to wear an A-line or baby doll style short cocktail dress.  This accentuates the bust and face, while flowing to the waistline and covering any flaws.  Women who are fortunate enough to have the hourglass shape can wear just about any style and look great.  The best option for that perfect figure is a halter style dress.  You can also choose dresses with sheer sleeves to cover any flaws you may feel you have with your arms.
Choose a color that accentuates your best features. Black is a definite classic but do not limit yourself to this one color.  Some woman looked washed out in black. Choosing a color that coordinates with your skin tone or eye color is most advisable.  You will definitely turn heads with the perfect color choice.  Don't be afraid to put your best foot forward with color and flair.  Discover which colors work best for you.  Should you choose to go with the black, colorful accessories can offset the seriousness of the color.
For formal occasions a mini skirt or dress is unadvisable.  Middle or just above the knee is the perfect and a most comfortable length.  Tall women with an athletic build can certainly carry off the above the knee style very nicely.  If you are shorter go with the middle of the knee hemline.  Both styles look great and show off those sexy, gorgeous legs. Choose leggings that are close to your skin type. Nude is a suggested color.  The right kind of support for your legs can do a lot to offset any flaws you feel you may have with your legs.
Pick a comfortable shoe for the party.  You will more than likely be doing plenty of standing around and chatting.  Flats are best for tall women.  While a low heel is perfect for comfort and style for the shorter woman, high heels or pumps are not recommended. These types of shoes tend to tire you out easily. You want to be sure that you are ready for the dance floor.
Choosing the right dress says a lot about you.  Attitude is first and foremost best accessory in how great you look.  Take your time in choosing the perfect dress.  You want to feel confident and comfortable in what you are wearing.  Remember to accessorize accordingly, from shoes to jewelry.

Short Cocktail Dresses


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