How to choose right cosmetics to avoid its harmful effects?

Cosmetics are an important part of day today grooming. It is essential to know about each cosmetic we use and the type of chemical component used in the cosmetic to wade off the danger due to harmful components in them or the components which may be allergic to us.

It is always recommended to take a look at the label of the cosmetic product and read all the ingredients present in it before going ahead with the decision of product for daily use.

How to choose the right Shampoo

Sometimes the chemical called sodium layryl sulphate is added to the normal shampoos. Sodium layrl is actually used for face wash and it causes an adverse impact on the nervous system. Anti dandruff shampoo and anti louse shampoo must be selected carefully after ensuring it contains no harmful components.

How to choose the right Hair Dye

Choose hair color after going through the ingredients carefully. Hair dyes contain phenylediamine which causes cancer. The ammonia commonly present in the hair dyes causes skill irritations and allergies.

How to select the Hair Spray

As far as possible it is recommended to avoid the hair spray and the particulate chemicals get suspended in the air and when we inhale the air it reaches our respiratory system, mixes with the blood and becomes responsible for numerous health ailments.

How to choose the right Deodorant

Deodorants have become an unavoidable part of every dressing table. But presence of chemicals like aluminum and zirconium are extremely dangerous. When these chemicals are in haled by the user in the long run it accumulates in the brain and cause severe damage to the central nervous system and the brain resulting in tumors and other diseases.

Tips to choose the right Soap

In antibacterial soaps the chemical triclosan is usually mixed to kill the microbes but the chemical may be absorbed by the body in long run and may cause liver damage.

Choosing right Moisturizers

Most moisturizers contain isopropyl myristate which may be absorbed by the facial skin and dead to eruption of pimples and acne. When moisturizer containing the particular chemical is used it should be in low quantity so that it does not affect the skin.

Choosing right mouth wash

Recent researchers have found out that use of alcohol based mouth washes containing other harsh ingredients causes throat cancer. They also impacts on the PH balance of the mouth thereby increasing the chances of oral and dental diseases.

How to choose Tooth Paste

Fluoride present in the tooth paste is useful to the teeth but the increase in the fluoride content of the body leads to series of various illness. The so called teeth whitening tooth pastes affects the tooth enamel and gums adversely.

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