How to clean dandruff from hair

What is dandruff?

Dandruff is the most common hair skin problem that is cause when shiny skin cells flakes off from the hair scalp.Pityriasis simplex capillitii commonly known as dandruff is a common problem for all the age groups.The dead cells shed from scalp and cause irritation in hair.Dandruff is not disease but it may cause serious personality problems.The dandruff may be caused by excessive and frequent exposure to extreme cold or heat.

Do dandruff causes hairfall?

Hair is important part of body that allures our personality before others.Hair fall may embarrass you before your boss or may be before your partner.There is a big misconception about the hair fall that dandruff cause hair fall.Is it true.For a case it isn't true,it's a myth that dandruff causes hair fall.

Hair fall is not caused by dandruff.It has nothing to do with dead cell in your scalp.Hair falls by scratching the head

What causes hairfall?

Hair fall is generally caused by mental worries,mental worries lack of important vitamins and sometimes is is hereditary in some cases.Changing shampoos too often also is another reason which may shed your hair.Generally scratching of head weakens the hair skin and it removes the hair from that part.

How to cure dandruff?

Cleaning your hair is a difficult task than it seems.Most of the people tend to change there hair shampoo often which is not correct way.While most people see dandruff as just another cosmetic problem it can be worry at times.Curing dandruff is tough but not impossible.It can be performed as a home remedy as well you can visit your nearest doctor and he will write some prescription for your hair which may be expensive for you and may cause even more hair fall.Jokes apart.


Dandruff is generally caused by unhealthy food habits and excess consumption of oily and junky food.Avoid them if you really want to get rid of dandruff.

Restrict the intake of caffeine.Meat and chocolates should for a time avoided.

Avoid excessive use of hair products specially harsh shampoos.Always cover your head from sunlight.

Drink plenty of water and keep your air well conditioned.

Don't scratch your head in excess.It may cause partial baldness.Use lavender and cedar wood oil for recovering the patch baldness.Comb your hair daily.It keeps the circulation of blood normal.

Massage your hair with little coconut oil every alternate day.Dry hair tend to have the tendency of getting dandruff.Try not to keep it dry.It strengthens the hair roots.

Avoid milk products,dairy food and fatty stuff.Avoid acidic food like oranges and lemon.They are rich in vitamin C which is not good for hair.

Use of hair dye for people with dandruff is unlike.

It is said that stress often cause hair fall so keep yourself stress free and enjoy every moment of life.

Hot steam bath specially on the scalp is highly recommended.

Massage the hair with almond and olive oil for some minutes.Leave it for some time and wash the hair properly to get dandruff free hair.

Beet root juice mixed with ginger juice is very helpful in curing dandruff.

Curd mixed with egg is very popular and important home remedy to clean your hair.Massage your hair and leave them dry for an hour.And wash the hair.It is very helpful remedy.

Make a paste of sandalwood oil mixed with lemon juice and put it on hair.It will help

Fresh lemon juice is another popular way of removing dandruff.Apply two to 3 teaspoon of lemon juice in your hair.Lemon keeps hair healthy.

Eat fresh diet which includes green vegetables and fresh fruits.Avoid citric fruits.

Several herbal remedy includes Ashgourd,Fenugreek seeds and Rosemary are effective in reducing danduff.

What shampoo to use?

Dermatologist are hair doctors.It is always beneficial to visit dermatologist in case of excessive hair fall.The most common hair shampoo for dandruff is nizoral.Use shampoo that is rich in ketoconazole  as it reduces sebum production.Using the product in case of dandruff is not important.One should have knowledge how to apply shampoo to hair.

How to use shampoo.

Wet hair and scalp with water.Apply enough shampoo so it cause gentle foam.

Massage gently and leave hair for 3 to 5 minutes.

Rinse the hair with warm water gently.

It is notified that the shampoo contain chemical ingredient and we are the best judge of our body.If any side effect occur,contact the nearest pharmacist or dermatologist.Dandruff is caused by the replacement of epidermal layer and the white dead fungal cells are pushed out wards as flakes.

The chemicals which is effective in reducing dandruff are.

Salycyclic acid ,ketoconazole ,tar,steroids and hydroxypyridons.

The foremost cause of dandruff is ignorence.Keep your hair clean and care for them.They give strenght to personality and saves from embarrasement.Stay healthy,stay clean.

Do you feel stressed about your hair fall?

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pol1ce 5 years ago from the Right Place

Nice explanation, is true about life worrying.

You may be interested in see this hub here , about a home remedie for dandruff


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melodyandes profile image

melodyandes 5 years ago

Well-written and informative hub! Well-researched.

minha 3 years ago

tell me how to reduce dandruf

SCOTT 3 years ago


pavithra.vasudevan 3 years ago

Ya.. this is very useful.

chukka kirankumar 3 years ago

I hate dandruff ,please give me suggest

aarti 3 years ago

u said vit c causes dandruff. but how does amla oil prove to be good for hair? please post an answer.i really want to know how to cure this.......

aman 3 years ago

Exactly...if vit c is not good for hair then how can lemon juice effect dandruff...

neeru gupta 2 years ago

my hair is curley , and very ruff with dandruff.. so plz help me

2 years ago

Vitamin C bad for hair? Seriously dude... I hate to say that but the person who wrote this article has no idea what they are talking about. Vitamin C will boost iron absorption and good iron levels give stronger hair. In fact, ferritin levels should be over 70 and ideally over 100 to regrow hair. Even if you are not anemic and your ferritin is "fine", your hair will not grow back until you raise your iron storage over 70. Explanation - the body makes sure that you have enough iron for vital processes and until you really boost it, it wont spend the iron on extra resources like hair and nails.

i have dandruff, I consume junk food almost 4 to 5 days a week but not much, before going to wash hair I always put oil in my hair then after taking water I rub my hair with shampoo so harder , lot  2 years ago


ragabrindhamaheshkumar 2 years ago

I have dandruff.hairfall everyday in my head.pls how to clear and regrowth

jummy 2 years ago

i have lots of dandruff on my hair pls help

jummy 2 years ago

i have lots of dandruff on my hair pls help

carol 2 years ago

I have dry itchy scalp n my hair is falling i use do msny different shampoo coditioner pls help

LATHI 2 years ago

Awesome article..And today I read this article from a site which sounds great.

SHREE 2 years ago

Awesome article..And today I read this article from a site which sounds great.

shashi ranjan 2 years ago

Vit c helpful hai hair keliye bt jisne v ye likha hai Ki vit c harmful hai wo hmlog. Ko chutia bana raha hai saalo ko kuch v nhi pata hair k bare me

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