How to curly up dos

How to curly up dos

Special occasions come with a special look. Of course, the “look” will not be complete without that stylish sophisticated hair do. Among the various hairdos we see, one of the most stunning look would be a curly up do. We can see this style worn by famous people while they are attending special occasions. The most common problem would be how to do it. Just by looking at it, of course it looks complicated but it can be learned. I have a perfect solution for you. I’ve made a simplified way so that you can do it yourself. 

Materials needed:

·         Defining shampoo and conditioner (optional)

·         Styling gel or mousse (optional)

·         Curling iron

·         Hair tie or clip

·         Bobby pins (optional)

·         Hairspray

·         Hair dryer

Steps in creating a curly up do:

1.       Gather all the needed materials.

2.       Wash your hair. Use the desired defining shampoo and conditioner. If your hair is curly, you can use your regular shampoo however if you have a straight and wilted hair that can’t sustain a curl, there’s an available product in the market which can create a frizz-free curls.

3.       Get your mousse or styling gel and apply it to your wet hair. Get your hair dryer and blows dry your hair to create a body and lasting definition.  While blow drying, run your fingers through your hair and crunch with the palm of your hands the tips of your hair. You also have the choice to dry your hair naturally and scrunch the ends with a light gel.

4.       With your hair already dried up, separate the curls you’ve created. Start by separating some portions of your hair to know if your hair can hold a curly up do.  Use a curling iron and spray some gel into your hair if your curls are loose. This will make the hair bolder.

5.       One option to design your hair is pull it in a ponytail.  If not, another option is to do a half flip by using a clip. Clip below the flip to create a full curly appearance.  Pull a portion of your hair out on the sides and underneath from the up do and make another curl using a curling iron.

6.       Finalize your curly up do.  With your humidity resistant hair spray, sprit a little amount in your hair. Make sure that your hair will not look stiff but rather to look bouncy and full of life.

7.       Check for stray hairs. You can use a bobby pin for those hairs that don’t stay with the up do.


1.       Bobby pins are effective materials to hold up stray hair.

2.       Heated styling tools like hot rollers and crling irons can be utilized to restore and revitalize the curls.

3.       If you opted for the use of blow drying than air drying, it is essential that the temperature setting is kept cool and the speed is low to avoid frizz.

Following these steps and keeping in mind the tips I’ve given, you can do your own curly up do in no time.  You can now enjoy the party with class and glamour.

How to style curly hair up dos

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