Finding your correct Bra Size.

Proper Bra sizing.

The proper bra size is an important thing for every woman to know. Many women walk around for years in the wrong size bra. They end up going to chiropractors, doctors and massage therapist in hopes of relieving their aching backs. When all they need to do is measure themselves correctly and then throw away those improper fitting bras.

The first thing to do is to get a cloth measuring tape and measure from where your bra closer usually is and bring the measuring tape around the front, under your arms and ABOVE your breasts, just above the cleavage. That will give you the first number of your bra size. (34, 38, 40, etc.)

Next, lift one breast and measure from where the breast starts on your side, above the ribs to the area near the nipple. One inch is an A cup, Two inches is a B cup, Three inches is a C cup, etc.

Then you will know exactly what size bra to buy. 34-A, 38-B, 40-C, etc.

I've seen women who are a 48-G walking around wearing a 40-D, and they have been doing that for 15 years! They end up with bra strap creases on top of their shoulders, skin tags where the bra digs into their skin and rashes under and in-between their breast. They also are constantly pulling on the bra straps or repositioning their breasts in the cups.

Not only is it uncomfortable wearing the wrong size bra but you can also end up with a shapeless appearance. The bra can stretch and make the breast sag without the proper support.

After people see you with the proper fitting bra, don't be surprised if they ask if you've lost weight! It will make a world of difference to you. Don't worry about the numbers on the tape measure. Remember, the tape measure is your friend... it is, what it is.

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chonett 5 years ago

Thank you for this great info that every woman should know. I really appreciate it.

NTR57 5 years ago

I never knew that was how to measure for a bra! I always guessed the size and if my breasts fit in the cup, then that was the bra that I purchased.

annamaria123 5 years ago

Thank you for writing this article on wearing the proper bra size. This is true. I recently went to Lane Bryant and was measured for the proper bra size. After putting the proper bra on the clothes I tried on fit and looked much better. What a difference! It really does make you look thinner!

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jbhearn95 5 years ago

Ha, ha, I also did not know this. I guess you are never too old to learn about things.

WandasHomePlace profile image

WandasHomePlace 5 years ago

I never knew this. Very useful information. And I will pass this information along. Thanks.

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gidget911 5 years ago

This is necessary information that I needed to know.

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