How to Make, Get and Grow Dreadlocks Guide

Grow hair thicker and longer with dreadlocks

Growing dreadlocks will take patience and determination because its more than just a hairstyle it is a lifestyle.

It will take some work to start and maintain through hair care that includes waxes, backcombs and twisting strands of your hair.

Steps to great dreads starts with knowing the real facts.

The following is some pictures and tutorials.

How to dread your hair with small pieces of hair

First you will need to start by picking the amount of hair you will want, the smaller you make the part the more space you will have to allow your dreads to get thicker with time,

start with twisting the hair in sections and then apply loc gel, your twist should be tight at the section closes to your skull,

use a comb or a brush to pull sections of hair round creating a knot, keeping it tight, this will help new hair to dread repeat the process until all sections are covered.

Synthetic Dreads or Human Hair?

If you are getting dreadlocks for the first time you may be wondering if you should use fake hair or real hair. It really will depend on your lifestyle,

if you workout often and you go swimming several times a week it may be best to get hair that is durable and will not mat up or get tangled.

Also natural hairstyles can get dry if you do not use enough moisturizing products with essential oils

such as Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Olive oil, Palm Oil, Safflower Oil, Sesame seed oil and Shea butter.

grow dreadlocks
grow dreadlocks

Choosing your dreads

Remember that the type of dreads you choose will determine how long it will take them to grow the way you want them to, because there are a variety of styles from counterclockwise motion or counter clockwise twists,

find a professional who specializes in locs and dreads, the beginning stages are the most important in your dreadlocks, study How to DVD's and watch how the professionals do their craft.

Do you want to be a dread head?

Having well maintained dreadlocks is more than just a trend or fad it's a lifestyle and it is best for you to get all the knowledge and understanding before you commit to getting the look you desire.

How you wear your dreadlocks makes a statement,

You will need to prepare, your mind and your body before you can prepare your hair by learning about washing, sectioning, , backcombing, waxing, clockwise rubbing, tip rubbing, finger rubbing, palm rolling, twisting, using rubber bands and crocheting as well as tips on the best accessories for dreadlocks.

Dread Wax

Using dread wax, the amount of wax used is determined by the length and the thickness of the dread, this is where palm rolling comes in apply wax rubbing it in from the roots. Using a hair dryer will allow for the wax to melt.

Colored Dreads

There are a variety of dreadlocks you can buy on eBay and some of them will come in pink, blue or multi-colors.

These looks can be fun and show your unique side.

The short dreads are easier to style and if you do not get them too long you can wear them pulled back into a ponytail or up in a twist.

My favorite way to wear dreads is down on my shoulders and I can add hair accessories such as feathers, beads and charms for added effect.

Just remember that taking care of synthetic hair is different than human hair,

Also hair shedding is something to consider if you decide to style your hair yourself or go to a beautician.

You can purchase a dreadlocks wig or you can get the bulk hair for extensions, whichever is easier for you.

Emo goth dreads are really popular also you can find wigs with the rasta hat attached to them.

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