How to make a Firming Mask for your face

Firming Mask

Using what you have on hand and going all natural at the same time is a plus. All this one use mask requires is one egg white and cornstarch. After you use this mask you will notice a remarkable difference in your skin tone and the shrinkage of enlarged pores. And for you guys out there this is not just a woman thing so you can try it as well. After all skin is skin. The results will be so amazing,take it from first hand experience that you'll look and feel like you've had a mini facelift. This mask can be used once a week if needed or if going out for a special occasion.

Don't Panic!!

Be aware that the combination of the egg white and cornstarch will be a very tightening agent and when applied will make you unable to comfortably open and close your mouth once it's completely dry.

Recommended for Who?

This natural homemade mask is good for all skin types especially for those with large skin pores.

Preparation time is about 5 minutes.

Use small bowl with fork or wisk

This is a one time use ,discard what you don't use

Combine and Apply

The white of 1 cold small or medium egg

1 teaspoon cornstarch

Combine the egg white and cornstarch in a small bowl or glass and beat with a fork or whisk until it becomes foamy. Make sure it is not lumpy.

Make sure your hands are clean and apply with the fingertips.Smooth the mixture onto the face and throat,thinly and evenly. It is important that you lie down while the mask is drying or gravity will pull down your face and any wrinkles you may have downward too. Sitting down in a recliner or chaise lounge is okay as long as it is in a slant position. Let the mask dry for 20 minutes and rinse with cool to warm water. Follow up with a moisturizer.

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Connie B 8 years ago

I'm going to give this a try.

laringo profile image

laringo 8 years ago from From Berkeley, California. Author

Hello Connie B. Thanks for coming to my Hubpages and embracing my advice. If you are not a member of HubPages, please join. It is a great community.

Marsha Mills 7 years ago

Chemicals in skincare products will cause your skin to sag in the long run. That because those chemicals don’t belong there and impact your skins elasticity. I would definitely recommend the Face firming serum, from Made from Earth. I stopped using it after 6 months because it naturally improved my owns skins ability to tighten and heal itself. . . I went through a bottle a month for 6 months and that’s it…. I saw a major difference. . .I highly recommend it to anyone who is tired of trying all the different face creams. . .the website is and its called the Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum. . .

laringo profile image

laringo 7 years ago from From Berkeley, California. Author

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your information. If you have more to share ,why not join HubPages. Just let me know.

linjingjing profile image

linjingjing 7 years ago

How to make a Firming Mask for your face

Writing good

gege 7 years ago

tnks so much for your mask cleanser it was great i saved so much money and it worked THANKS FOR HELP

laringo profile image

laringo 7 years ago from From Berkeley, California. Author

gege that's great! I'm glad it's working for you and saving money is a plus.

R Burow profile image

R Burow 7 years ago from Florida, United States

This sounds great. I will try it. Thanks

DarleneMarie profile image

DarleneMarie 7 years ago from USA

The recipe is very simple - I will have to give it a try...thanks laringo!

laringo profile image

laringo 7 years ago from From Berkeley, California. Author

Hi DarleneMarie....I will try yours as well. Anything natural is a good thing for the boby.

mari 7 years ago

When I first saw the Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum (from the Made from Earth skincare line) I thought, you have got to be kidding. $50 for face cream!!?? But after reading some reviews on the internet - i decided to give it a try - I have tried everything! The site promised it would help my dry, irritated, acne-prone skin with wrinkles.

I LOVED it. For the first time, my skin was not irritated by this wrinke treatment . I have very sensitive skin especially under my eyes. And, no more zits. None. A bottle lasts me almost 6 months, and it helped my skin more than ANY $200 facial I ever got! Just makes your skin look as good as it possibly can look, and I think it's worth every penny. I am on my 4th bottle (that means using it for almost 2 years now). I also have use their Olive Night Creme, which is about $40, but I don't think that is anything special to be honest with you. Not anything like the Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum. Definitely recommended for women seeking a firmer face who have sensitive skin.

Richa 7 years ago

This sounds easy and nice...the egg white is taken from the raw egg..?? Help.

laringo profile image

laringo 7 years ago from From Berkeley, California. Author

Richa...yes the egg white is from a raw egg. Simple as that.

Richa 7 years ago

Thank you very much Laringo...coming from a vegetarian family where eggs are a big no-no...had my own share of doubts.

Shall definitely try this out.Thanks.

Lissa Lynn profile image

Lissa Lynn 7 years ago from upstate NY

Wow, I am definitely going to give this a try! Thanks!!

laringo profile image

laringo 7 years ago from From Berkeley, California. Author

Thanks Lissa's nice to me you. From your topics you seem like a pretty cool person.

Lissa Lynn profile image

Lissa Lynn 7 years ago from upstate NY

Thanks :)

Jennifer 6 years ago

I was looking for a DIY at home mask that was quick and easy. This one fit the bill. I loved it! I will be doing this again as it left my face ultra smooth. Can't wait to see the results after multiple uses.

babyface63 5 years ago

I will try this- it sounds drying though- but hey, I will try anything natural- some other natural things that have worked for many I know are :

An avocado -ripe on the face and neck at least once a week-

Regular cheap Vitamin E oil for the face

Moroccan Aragon Oil - not expensive and medical grade-

thanks for the tip - will report back- how often can one do this with aging thick but not super dry or oily skin? thanks

liz 5 years ago

I tried this tonight it works pretty well. Thanks!

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