How to make a simple (yet totally cute) hair clip

Adding to the Lined Alligator Clip

This is a tutorial for a possible step you may want to take after you have successfully lined your alligator clips. The end product of these instructions will look like this (if performed properly):

Materials Needed

You will need your lined alligator clip

A lighter

A 2 & 7/8 in piece of 3/8 in grosgrain ribbon

A 1 in piece of 3/8 grosgrain ribbon

& a hot glue gun

Sealing Edges

To ensure the quality of your hair clips you should always seal any loose edge of a piece of ribbon, instructions on how to seal the ends of a ribbon are included in the how to line an alligator clip.

Creating the Loop

After you have sealed all edges you now need to take the longer piece of ribbon and add a small dab of hot glue on to one end, bring the other end and place the edge over the glue and press to seal together

Pinching the Loop

After you have successfully created your loop you now need to place another small dab of hot glue onto the inner portion of the circle where you brought the two ends together, now bring the top of the loop down on the glue and pinch, creating two smaller loops once you turn over the ribbon, your pinched loop should look like this:

Now you need to take your lined alligator clip and place a dab of hot glue onto the center, and then you place the center of the two pinched loops onto the glue and press, for the best look you should put the side where to two ends were initially glued down onto the clip.

Now you need to add hot glue to the center of the loops and press down the shorter piece of ribbon vertically, like so:

Final Steps!

Now, turn the clip over and on the two pieces that are hanging out add a small dab of glue to each, and then open up the clip and fold over the two flaps (they should meet together, if they don't, do not close the clip until the glue has dried, and if they do meet then you are free to close the clip. And presto! you have an absolutely adorable hair clip that any girl would be proud to wear!

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lisa 8 years ago

wow, this is awesome! thank you so much for sharing :)

Regina 8 years ago

Great instructions - thanks so much!!

Marty Valdez 8 years ago

Just what I was looking for, easy to follow instructions, thanks so much!

Lilly Mason 8 years ago

Cute im going to make this for my daughter she'll love it thanks so much xD

jaycee 7 years ago

Those are so cute thanks for such great instructions!

hair accessories 7 years ago

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I've always wanted to know how to make these. Thank you for sharing this tutorial with us! You make those cute hair clips look so easy.

Eliane 7 years ago

Thanks a lot for this great tutorial!!

Ronelle 7 years ago

So helpfull thank you so much!!

zainab 7 years ago

they should put video how to teach

giselle 7 years ago

perfect just what i was looking for! i made 2 cute hello kitty clips. i love hello kitty :D

tasha 7 years ago

Thanks so much! Like everyone else has said "Thank you for making this so easy. It is easy to follow."

Marion 6 years ago


I have always wanted to make these clips, but I can't find out where to bye the simple clip to use. perhaps you could tell me where to bye?



slyn 6 years ago

in response to Marion I've always gotten mine at Sally beauty ( you don't need a license) or some other beauty supply store. You can also order them online. They are called Alligator clips.

Alissa 5 years ago

where do you purchase the plain metal hair clips you use???

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