How To Put On An Indian Sari (Saree)


Wearing a Sari

A sari is a beautiful garment worn by Indian women that consists of one long piece of fabric, usually anywhere from 4 to 9 yards long. A skirt (called a petticoat) and a matching blouse are worn under the saree.

Putting on a sari correctly can be quite challenging and somewhat intimidating when you stand with yards and yards of fabric in front of you. The pleats are the most difficult to create especially if you dealing with a fine silk piece.

It definitely is an art that takes practice!

This hub will guide you in proper steps to look elegant and beautiful in your sari. Excellent videos below will guide you step by step in proper application.


1. First wear shoes, petticoat, and blouse.

2. Starting at your belly button, tuck in the plain end of the sari into the petticoat. Make one turn around your waist from right to left.

3. Make sure the end of the sari touches the floor. Remember to wear your shoes prior to starting so the sari has the appropriate length.

4. Beginning from the tucked end near your navel, create pleats about 5 inches deep, making about 7 to 10 pleats total.

5. Hold up the pleats and make sure they line up straight down to the floor.

6. Tuck in the pleats with them turned in towards the left.

7. Drape the remaining fabric around your waist again and then bring it under the right arm and over the left shoulder. Have the sari fall over the shoulder down to your left knee-- this part of the Sari is called the pallu.

8. You may pin in the fabric on the shoulder or let in down loose.


One Size Fits All

Although this may be partially true, you will need to obtain a blouse and petticoat to fit your measurements. The Sari itself only comes in one size and length and fits all sized women.

If you have a tiny frame, a good majority of the sari will be tucked into your waist to compensate for your size.

If you have a larger frame, the sari will cover a good bit of your body (minus your midriff).


Difficulty Creating Pleats? Try Sari Saheli

You are not alone! Creating smooth and even pleats for your sari at the waist and for the pallu are very difficult. Often times you may have created the perfect pleats and then they simply fall out of your hands. You are then forced to start all over. It is tedious and stressful in my opinion!

Recently, I came across the Sari Saheli-- an amazing invention created to address this very problem. Please check out:


Different Ways to Drape A Sari


As an adult, do you still get assistance in putting on a Sari?

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brackenb profile image

brackenb 4 years ago

i've never attempted to wear a sari but I think they always look beautiful, so feminine and in gorgeous fabrics.

harmony155 profile image

harmony155 4 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia Author

Saris are beautiful but very difficult to put on! I have to watch this youtube video (above) every time I want to dress myself. If not, I have to have my mom assist me.

jill of alltrades profile image

jill of alltrades 4 years ago from Philippines

Somebody gave me a sari before but I've only used it once or twice. Hmm, I should take it out from its storage and practice wearing it again.

Thanks for sharing this!

harmony155 profile image

harmony155 4 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia Author

Jill of alltrades: I encourage you to pull out your sari from storage! Here's some more advice/tips on dressing in your sari:

profile image

stessily 4 years ago

harmony155, Very nicely presented. I love saris. I loved wearing them in India. They are works of art. Up + UABI + sharing.

Appreciatively, Stessily

harmony155 profile image

harmony155 4 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia Author

Stessily: Thanks for sharing my hub!

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur

A useful hub for those who know less about wearing a saree.Please visit my hub on Indian saree.There i have explained different parts of a saree, types, production, etc, with many photos

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur

harmony155 profile image

harmony155 4 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia Author

Prasadjain: thanks for your link!

harmony155 profile image

harmony155 4 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia Author

Naimishika: Thanks for the encouragement!

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