How to save money on Hair Rebonding

Rebonded Hair - shiny, straight, and soft
Rebonded Hair - shiny, straight, and soft

Want hair like this? ----->

Have you ever wanted to have straight, shiny, and soft hair? I'm sure you've watched TV and wondered how shampoo models can have such perfect hair. Is it the shampoo? Nope. It's a salon procedure called Rebonding.

So, maybe you're familiar with it. And maybe you've gone to the Salon and asked about it. And probably you almost gagged when they told you the price.

So, how can you get hair like this without spending a fortune? Here are a few suggestions...

1. Ask your favorite stylist. Most salon charge rent to the stylists or take a percentage of their work. Ask your stylist if they do private appointments outside the salon. This can be done at your home. You'll be surprised at how friendly and open they are about this. Tell them you want a discount on the Salon price. They are usually happy to give you a discount for a private appointment because they don't need to pay anything to the salon. Though, most of stylists won't offer unless you ask.

2. Ask friends and family. Tell your friends and family you've been thinking about rebonding your hair. If you know someone who has done it before, ask them about it. Remember to post about it on your favorite social networking sites (facebook, twitter, etc). You'll be surprised how many people have already discovered a good stylist at a reasonable price.

3. Have a friend do it for you at home? I know what you're thinking: Buy the chemicals at the store. Come home and get a relative or friend to rebond your hair. Right? NO! Don't do it! This is the single biggest reason for rebonding horror stories. Rebonding chemicals are very harsh. A mistake could mean losing your hair, thinning hair, or severe damage. Always have this procedure done by someone with experience. You could end up paying more money to repair your hair than if you simply went to the salon in the first place.

So, there you are. Please feel free to leave comments. If you like, you can visit my website below.

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priya 5 years ago

hi my brnd has done rebonding on her hair but now she lost her hair to much

linda 5 years ago

hair cause

vandana 5 years ago

suggestions are very gud bt i want to ask u the minimum price of rebonding. like minimum price which i hv to spend on my hair

sania 5 years ago

i live in african country and here is no one who knows about rebounding so how could i do it as i have rebounding kit ?

yanne 5 years ago

what kind of hair rebond did you use?

umair 4 years ago


monu 4 years ago

my friend has got rebond on her hair but after 2 months she face too many problems, like hire fall & itching, she got hair spa also once in a month but result failure.....

shahina 4 years ago

Hey... I just wanna know proper method of rebonding...plz tell brief..

hafsa 4 years ago

Ok so all of you who think rebonding is damage...STOP!!! I have had it done at a saloon and the results were awesome. You must follow the aftercare instructions or it can be disastrous. However, it makes your hair so much softer and manageable that Ian going for it again , but this time, a friend will be doing it.. and no, it won't be a disaster! Follow the instructions and all will be great. Good luck!

ankita 4 years ago

have done rebonding and feeling awesome....its so manageable and much softer,shiny and silky......

sonika 4 years ago

in want to ask minimum price of rebonding.

simran 4 years ago

minimum price for rebonding

ANJUMAN 3 years ago

plzzz tel me min. price of rebonding immediately ....

I am waiting for your rply.

khushi 3 years ago

plz tell me u r minium price

shabnam 3 years ago

plz tell me u r minium price

surbhi 3 years ago

I'll rebonding my hair..pls tel me aftr rebond my hair

cannot damaged..

lavy 3 years ago

I rebond my hairs 9 months ago..n now they becmng frizz n curly again..I am missing my rebonded hairs. .n want again rebond my hairs. .should I??

Plz tell me

anu 3 years ago

rebondede achi h

geeta 3 years ago

hi rebonded me kon se product use hote h pls tel me pls give me ans

preet 2 years ago

Tell me product used in rebonded hair

Ravneet 2 years ago

Pls tell me min. price for hair rebonding

Ravneet 2 years ago

Pls tell me min. price for hair rebonding

roshni 2 years ago

It works!!

naina 2 years ago

wht is the minimum price of hair rebonding

gagan 2 years ago

I want my hair silky and straight permanent for life time plz tell me the lowest prize

M Josef 2 years ago

Is there no one monitoring this site... These women's questions are not answered! Go to YouTube .Ladies...and search ....Milbon Liscio brand... Rebonding can start at $300.00 usd.... There are other brands also... Go to Ali Express... Enter... Japanese Hair Straightener.... Other brands will show... Also enter JHS above ... into the YouTube search and you will find lots of answers... Be patient, it takes hours! Good luck!

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